Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Disney Day 4 (part 2) Back to the Magic

I didn't take many pictures this evening (hey, I took enough at tea, didn't I?) but we went back to Magic Kingdom. It was EMPTY!! Got to try out the *new* Space Mountain. It still made me feel awful (after I took Dramamine) and was still super jerky (so what's so new about that I ask?).  That did me in for rides so I did some of this and the rest of them went on Buzz Lightyear. The kids went on Big Thunder Mountain while we watched the beautiful Wishes fireworks display. 
We were planning to sleep in the next morning (yay!) and see if the Easter Bunny would find us in Disney.

to be continued....
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Angel One Designs said...

I'm glad you guys had such a wonderful trip!

not in context for this post, but that peep sunflower cake is to die for!

Anonymous said...

OMG! I gotta know if the Easter Bunny found you in Disney???!!!! Hurry up and blog more already!!!!! Great pics...we have been itching for a Disney trip, funny you talked about their food having a bad rep, which I never experienced bad food there!! Then again, sans kids, we've always hit the better sit down places, as well as the fun ones too!! We'll have to Disney restaurant talk someday! Peace, Love and Mickey Mouse <3 Angela

heather@ourlifeinaclick said...

Hey Angela..is it rep or rap? I wasn't sure. Anyway..I love the food in Disney but a lot of people don't. We should discuss!!
Thanks for stopping by! REALLY!!!

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