Sunday, April 11, 2010

Disney - Day 2 (part 1) AK:Mountains, Gorillas and Tigers, oh my!!

We set the alarm to be up bright and early and go to Animal Kingdom to take advantage of the Extra Magic Hour. Family ran over to conquer Everest and I trekked (using my AK lingo) over to the safari to fast pass it.  I snapped this picture walking over the bridge, you can see Mt Everest shrouded by fog to the left and the awesome Tree of Life to the right.
They managed to get on Everest twice and then we went on safari.  The cool morning conditions made viewing the animals ideal!  On the way out, we took the path through Gorilla Falls hoping to spot the new 5 1/2 week old baby gorilla. Score!!
Awwww baby and mommy were so adorable! 
Daddy Gorilla did a big chest pump when my tall hubby stepped forward. It was wild!  He was saying "Step Off Dude!"

Pretty tiger!

We enjoyed the rest of our morning at the lovely (and not crowded) Animal Kingdom and then hit the pool at the hotel.

The visor says "so NOT a princess"

Enjoying the pool!

to be continued....
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Deirdre said...

Did you see Lola the baby rhino? She wasn't out on savanna when we were there, but we saw her when we took the Wildlife Express.

heather@ourlifeinaclick said...

No, I asked about her and the CM said we might see her if we took the Wildlife Express but the kids weren't into doing that so we just did the trails.

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