Thursday, September 30, 2010

{What's for Dinner} Dad's BBQ Chicken

I don't like regular bottled barbecue sauce so I make this version that my dad always made for us.  He would grill all year 'round and I can picture him out on the deck with an umbrella, grilling in the rain some days.

I make my own marinade/barbecue sauce
 The ingredients need to be warmed up and whisked together until they thicken up.

It has to cool off before it goes on the chicken.
I prep the chicken by removing the skin.

The chicken goes in a large Tupperware bowl and the marinade goes on.

I usually marinate it over night in the fridge.

Then it's ready to hit the grill.

It can get pretty smokey.

Time for a sample.
I always make a big batch so we can freeze some for later. 

It's great hot, cold or at room temperature.

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fall Mantel Party

My fall mantel started out looking pretty much like my mantel does every day of the year. I added the fall garland to brighten it up a little when I started pulling out my fall decor.

Later I added this thrift store urn that I had spray painted black and stuck a ball candle in it. I guess it was too much because later that night we heard a crash and the mirror, garland and urn had all fallen off the mantel.  The urn did not survive but luckily everything else did.  The frame fell off of the mirror but the glass didn't break and we were able to get it back together.  What is it with me and breaking things?

I started pulling out more of my fall decor and also became inspired by a lot of the creamy autumnal white tabletops I was seeing. After spray painting a few more Goodwill finds heirloom white, I tried this combination.   I was able to hang the garland below the mantel with some handy dandy brick hangers and this freed up the mantel for more 'stuff'.

I still wasn't loving it and then a little inspiration came to me. I had another mirror that might look better with the creamy, natural vibe I was trying to go with.
My living room mirror (from Southern Living)!
So a quick swap out of mirrors..and...

I was liking it a lot better!

Now I think all of the textures and colors complement each other. I wrapped some of the flameless candles in burlap and also set my twine bottle up there for color and texture.

The two pedestals were my recent Goodwill acquisitions that I painted heirloom white.

And here is my newest cloche with the chippy PB pedestal.

Everything else was 'shopped' for from the house or a thrift store find, except the wheat stalks, I just picked them up at the grocery store.
So I'm done for now..what do you think?

ps. the black mirror fell again last night and did not break or come apart at all (just woke us up out of a dead sleep...AGAIN).
Do you think it's a bad luck mirror or a lucky mirror and I'm the problem?
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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sweet Shot Tuesday-Apple

It's apple picking time!
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Monday, September 27, 2010

Thrifting and My Little Collector

On our last visit to this fun place we found some great items.

I thought this vintage tin box and camera would look great in my older daughter's new room.  If not, I'd find a place for them!

I have a strange weakness for letter blocks and the pictures on these stacking blocks just sealed the $3.00 deal!
I've started collecting decanters for my dining room buffet and I love the topper on this one.
Even my youngest got in on the collecting action.  She spied these miniature ceramic houses and was intrigued by their detailed exteriors.  For about $20 she started a new collection and also got a display case for them or whatever she decides to use it for.
The houses had the words Wade England stamped on the bottom and we looked them up on "the internets" when we got home.  They are from the Wade Whimsey on Why Collection that were produced by the Wade Pottery Company of England and Ireland in the 1980's and 1990's.  This looks like a fun and fairly inexpensive collectible for her.  She's hooked!
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Friday, September 24, 2010

Another New York Minute-American Girl Place

Have you ever been to this magical yet totally expensive  and extremely crowded place with your daughters?
It's called American Girl Place.
  My mother in law plans a trip there every summer with the granddaughters.  I usually go too but this year I let my youngest go by herself to spend some fun "cousining" time.  Both of my girls have loved American Girl dolls and going to AG Place is just the icing on the doll cake! 

Off to an early start with her doll Ivy.
Here are some photos from my daughter's day (all taken by her).
Every imaginable doll and accessory is displayed to be oohed and ahhed over.
Bitty Babies!
This outfit with the pink Ugg-like boots...too cute!
Not to be missed is a trip to the cafe. Your doll gets her own seat at the table.
And her own mini tea cup of course.
One of her cousin's dolls...Kit.

Grandma's doll "Stevie Nicks"
Enjoying some tea.

Great shot!
If you have little (or big) girls in your life who like the American Girl dolls, it's definitely worth a trip! 
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