Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wordless Wednesday-Life's a Beach!

I'm on a little getaway with my back soon!

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Monday, July 29, 2013

{Travel} NYC with my Girl -Day 2

How fun is it to wake up in NYC?  It's kind of surreal and very exciting!
If you want to see how we got there, you can read about it here.
We were ready for another day of city adventures but first...
The hotel had a free breakfast buffet which was pretty terrific---definitely enough for us, and nice not to have to go out for breakfast.  

Our first destination was Central Park.  Neither of us have really been through the park, we've walked by but hadn't spent any time in it.
 We took the subway and walked a few blocks to the main entrance.  I snapped a few photos on the street.  That glass box on the left in an Apple Store. You take an escalator down to the store.
 I knew we were there when I saw this gold sculpture of General William Tecumseh Sherman.  It's currently being restored, this happened to us on our DC Trip to the Washington Monument.

You immediately feel cooler and calmer when you walk into the park. We passed Central Park Zoo as we were walking in.  It looked like a lot of fun.

 You definitely don't feel like you're in the city when you're in here.
The park is like a breath of calm, fresh air.  It is shady, fragrant and beautiful.
We walked and walked....
and discovered got to see a lot of the landmarks.
I think this is the Conservatory Water.  
We didn't even get to see the whole park because we had other things we wanted to do so we finally turned around and started walking to the Museum of Modern Art.
First we stopped at Bergdorf Goodman  for some shoe shopping  looking-even the sale shoes were out of my budget.
We both wanted to go into FAO Schwartz.  I have fond memories of taking the kids there when they were younger.
You can make your own Muppet now!
Check out this cool Muppet making workshop.  We spent a little time browsing the very busy FAO Schwartz and then  continued our walk to the MoMA.
Our first stop at the MoMA was to see this painting.
Van Gogh (stunning!)
Warhol (exciting!)
Picasso (omg!)
Monet (swoon!)
My feet (what?)
It was a Richard Serra (note the sign) and it was a huge piece of steel on the ground.
Jackson Pollock(eek!!)
We didn't get to the Rain Room (we heard there was a 7 hour wait).
After all that art gawking, we were ready to sit down for some lunch.
We had lunch at Cafe 2 in the museum.
On the left is the Chickpea Salad and on the right is an Antipasti sampling. So yummy!
After lunch we popped into the MoMA store and ended up spending over an hour there. So many great things!  We did a little shopping then took a cab to our hotel.  College Girl had to go back that night but we still had a few more things planned before she got on the train.
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Thursday, July 25, 2013

{Travel} NYC with My Girl

While Miss Middle School was off on a Grandma/Cousin adventure, I took the opportunity to meet up with her sister in The Big Apple last month.  College Girl has been away this summer on an exciting summer opportunity, the only catch--it's out of town, so I miss her!  NYC was a good meeting place for us so I hopped on a train and ended up here.
This is right outside of Penn Station where I got in the cab line.

I took a cab to the hotel and met up with my daughter there.
The decor of the lobby was really fun and mod.

We were there fairly early so our room wasn't ready but the hotel kindly stowed our bags and we got on our way.
Our first stop was visiting the designer my daughter is working for this summer (sorry, no photos). We got a great tour of the studio and also got to buy some 'sale' pieces.  We had no set itinerary so we got lots of great suggestions while we were there for fun things to do and see.
Since we were already in the garment district we decided to go to Mood. I've always been a fan of Project Runway and it was a thrill to visit the store from the show. 
It's a fabric paradise!
No, I didn't get to see Tim Gunn, but I did see this guy from Season 10! 
We also snapped a photo of "Swatch" the resident doggy at Mood.  
We met up with one of my daughter's friends from school outside of Mood and spent a little time with together before taking the subway with her to Greenwich Village (on her way back to work).
Emerging from the subway was a sweet relief, it's so much quieter and less crowded in the Village!
We were heading to the Chelsea High Line.  It's a public park built on an old elevated freight line above the city's west side. The High Line runs through the Meatpacking District, West Chelsea and Hell's Kitchen.  You can enter the High Line at various entry points along the way.  

There are lots of green spaces and gardens, great walking paths, food vendors, places to sit and relax--just about everything a 'regular' park has. 

And some great views.  This shot is too close but the view behind us of the city was amazing.
After spending time on the High Line, we headed to Chelsea Market.  Isn't this a gorgeous space? We loved exploring all of the shops and vendors and then settled down for some lunch (I think it was around 3pm by then and we were starving!).
We had lunch at The Green Table. We were so ready to sit down after all of that walking and the menu looked vegan friendly for College Girly.  We ordered a few things and shared it all.
Another shot of Chelsea Market.
We were in awe of the shop Spices and Tease.
After Chelsea Market, we took a cab to Times Square to buy tickets to a show at the TKTS booth there.  The lines looked discouragingly long but they actually moved pretty quickly.

"ONCE" was our first choice and we thrilled to get two tickets to the show (at a discount).
We went back to the hotel to finally check into our room and relax a little before going out again.
The hotel had a little manager's reception every night and that night it was barbecue themed.  We stopped in there before walking over to the theater.  It was mostly burgers and hot dogs but we had some chips and salsa before we left.
Here we are in line, so excited to see the show!
It was AWESOME!  Our tickets were in the second row!!
"Once" is set in an Irish pub and before the show you can actually go up on stage and get a drink at the pub!  They were extremely strict on cameras so I wasn't able to get any photos inside the theater.
After the show we walked back to our hotel. Of course NYC was still hopping--except for restaurants. We were having trouble finding anything open for dinner at 10:30 pm. Luckily we found a deli/restaurant where we got made to order salads to go and took them back to our room.
What a wonderful first day in the city.

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

{Wordless Wednesday} Grease Is The Word

This is what we're up to this week. 
Tonight is opening night!!
What are you up to?

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Insta-Love {June}

I've only been sporadically participating in photo challenges lately and it's been a nice break.  Of course I'm still taking pictures on my Iphone. It's fun to look back and see where I've been and what we've been up to.  Here are some of our everyday moments from June.
Ice skating lessons..this feels like so long ago!

Trying on the dress I bought for a wedding.
This was "split jump" for raphotoaday challenge #raphotoaday
 I discovered Polar's new seasonal seltzer flavors!
Another good one!
It rained a lot!
Loved this nail color!
Enjoying the hydrangeas while they lasted.
 Hitting up Costco one night, look at those storm clouds!
Another seltzer flavor!
 This one's last day of school!
I liked this sign at Nordstrom Rack.
And yet another seltzer!
Trip to Ikea with my daughter (and lunch of course!)
 Getting some quality deck time!
Doing the 30 Day Shred.
Out with the family in the Jeep, I don't usually sit in the back so it was a new perspective for me.
Sitting out by the chiminea (more seltzer) and waiting to see the Super Moon.
 The deck, after we hung up the string lights.
 Stormy skies and a rainbow!
Getting ready to go visit this one.
 Strawberries and Greek yogurt.
Wow, the sky looked amazing this night!
Playing with my food photos (used A Beautiful Mess app).
It's hard to believe we're half way through July already. The summer is flying by!
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