Friday, February 27, 2015

{Link Party} Friday Favorites #98 & Features

Here we are at Friday Favorites again...and it's the last Friday in February!
Woop Woop!

My features from last week:
Denise from My Life's Cookbook shared her daytrip from Portland, Oregon.  What gorgeous scenery!

Malia from The Ramblings of an Aspiring Small Town Girl made this fresh and tasty Sweet & Spicy Asparagus.
Heather from Wood of Bell Trees showed us how to decorate this polka dot mug with nail polish!
I'll be linking up my new Navy Master Bedroom and
 my Spicy Crock Pot Vegetarian Sausage Chili.
I hope you'll link up too!
Now onto this week's party.

Link 1-3 of your projects- older projects work too!
Social media shout outs for the party are encouraged!
Please add our button to your post!
I'm going to be co-hosting this link up with these lovely ladies!
Morgan from Finding Morgan

They'd love it if you'd follow them and link up a project!!

Let's keep in touch!
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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

January 2015 Happenings

It's the end of February and I'm still catching up. 
Blame it on that trip to Europe!
 I'm still working on my Project 365 which forces me to take more photos.
 Some, I these two of Miss High School in the snow. Some are just 'meh' but I'm plugging away.
 Another one I love.
In case you missed yesterday's post. "We" painted our master bedroom.  "We" also painted another room (more on that later).
 Is this Pin-worthy or what? 
 Chicky-poo had her first high school formal and did her own hair.  She invited her best guy friend and they had a blast.
 She found this hand jewelry and knew she wanted it for her winter formal.
 We got some snow.
 Mr. Click's band played a really fun show!
 We had a date night.
 Favorite winter workout.
 I made some awesome minestrone but didn't write down the recipe. I will have to try and recreate it.
I wore one of my thrifted shirts.
 Pink in winter makes me happy!
And of course made a few cozy fires.
Keep scrolling down to see the finished master bedroom!

Let's keep in touch!
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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

{The Abode} New Color in the Master Bedroom

Remember this post from last May?  It's ok if you don't. I almost forgot about it.  To refresh your memory, we were trying to pick out the perfect navy for our master bedroom and I had it narrowed down to these three.
  I had the swatches up on our walls for weeks and then finally took them down when they started to gather dust. Fast forward to January and we were back in the home improvement mode and pulled out the swatches again.  We decided on Swatch #3 but it's actually called Newburyport Blue (Benjamin Moore) -I cannot get it right!  It was the perfect middle ground between the two other blues hues.
Here's the color we had, it's Peanut Shell by Benjamin Moore.  To see our bedroom transformation up to this point, click here (really, check out the stencil that came with the house!).  I loved the color but I was ready for something new.
 I didn't have much time to take "before" shots.  We moved the big furniture to the center of the room and took out as much of the other furniture as we could.
We tried Home Depot's Behr Marquee paint this time and color matched it.  Before I knew it, the cut-in paint was going up!  He's fast!  
 It was a big, bold change!
as it was drying... 

 This is what I saw when I came up the stairs. Wow! 
 The old furniture looked great against the new blue background.
But I wasn't as crazy about the curtains, they looked a little dingy (bad photo).
 I found some inexpensive panels at Home Goods that were just what I was looking for to brighten up the room.
 The only other new purchases were the mirror over the bed and the faux sheepskin at the foot of the bed (also found at Home Goods).
 It feels like a whole new room.
I painted the night stands but that's a story for another post.
So what do you think of my blue-tiful room?

Let's keep in touch!
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