Saturday, April 17, 2010

Disney Merch-Searching for the unusual

Over the years we've purchased our share of princess and character souvenirs but these days we like to look for something a little different. We like to shop when we're in Disney and one of our most favorite stores in Mitsukoshi in EPCOT's Japan.  I could spend days in there!!   It's a huge store and it's chock full of unique items.  I'm partial to the work by the artist Shinzi Katoh. You can check him out here.

Last year I bought these postcards by Mr Katoh and now they hang in our basement powder room.
They are quirky and whimsical.  I bought another one on this trip but I'm not sure where it'll go.  I just couldn't pass it up.
The bees and clover kites look like they are made from stamped fingerprints.
My daughter picked up this mini Buddha board for her room. We have its big brother in our kitchen and no one can resist brushing a water picture on it then watching it evaporate into thin air. Like my rough Mickey?  Good thing it promptly disappeared!

She also picked up a Japanese fan. These are a very inexpensive souvenirs and you can get them personalized for free with your name in Japanese!

I also snapped up these playing cards. I love the illustrations on them.
And don't even get me started on this handsome fellow, yes he's solar powered and very wise.
This barely scratches the surface of what's offered in Mitsukoshi. They carry a large selection of Hello Kitty, Domo, funky clothing, shoes, silk kimonos, teas and tea pots, chopsticks, candy,food, jewelry, decor, stationery and lots of other great things too. It's just fun to hang out in there and when you walk outside you just might catch the amazing Japanese candy making show like we saw here (if you're lucky!).
We don't leave The Big Cheese out when we're shopping, he's representin' in some new ways. Gotta keep it fresh (and clean).
The kids discovered Vinylmations last year but this year the craze has really exploded. I got in on the fun and purchased two of the Holiday series. I ended up with two identical Halloween figures but I traded them in at D-Street and got these two instead.

Here's another one from this trip.

I think it's from the Cuties series. The CM from D-Street described Vinylmations as 3-D vinyl canvases. Each one is a little work of art, signed by the artist.

We also love Basin in Downtown Disney and the Grand Floridian.  They make their own soap and you can buy it by the slice. They also have bath bombs, salts, scrubs, lotions and any other girly sweet smelling cleaning product your little heart desires.
I got this for our powder room to remember Disney throughout the year.  This is their special Minnie soap.  Most of their products are not Disney related.

So what's your favorite thing to shop for on vacation?

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Deirdre said...

I tried to stay away from blatently disney-esque stuff this trip.

From Mitsukoshi:
A bunch of those cool postcards (including Bee Land) and the "Smiley House" in note pad form.
Red Riding Hood post-its for C and animal marching band stationery for me.
Owl rice bowls (already have cats, dogs and rabbits). We use them all the time for fruit, etc.
Domo magnets and pins of all sorts (LOVE Domo).
Totoro postcard (if you haven't seen the movie, you should).
Display case for Lucky Cats and Lucky Owls
Solar powered Ninja and Geisha (Easter gifts)
Egg shaped toys - open them up and there are little moving animals inside
Japanese candy (Easter)

From Germany:
Pen shaped like a soft pretzel

From UK:
Mini Beatles lunch box
Beatles flip book
Harry Potter's Book Shelf (by John Granger)

From France:
Book of French idioms
French post cards
French soap wrapped in Metro map paper

From Italy
Blu Mediterraneo perfume

Vinylmations - C more into this than E. Glad to hear there is a way to trade if you get a repeat.

heather@ourlifeinaclick said...

Wow! We got the notepads too and R got a reusable shopping tote by Shinzi.
Easter Bunny got them some squirrel and duck shaped paper clips.
You should do a guest blog about all those purchases. Would love to see them all.
I love the lucky cats and owls. We have some of the cats. I was tempted by the owls.

Life in Rehab said...

Oh, the Vinylmations remind me of the celebrity charity sculptures WD did several years ago that were 5 feet tall! They're so cute!

We get Christmas ornaments every family vacation, with the intention that they get divided one day and go to the children's first homes to remind them how much fun we've had as a family.

heather@ourlifeinaclick said...

Hey Sunny! I like your idea! We get ornaments on every vacation too. We have a Disney tree in the basement that we've been collecting ornaments for. Sometimes we even put the monorail up around it.

Charla said...

Love the souveneirs!! My favorites the owl :) said...

Thanks Charla...I love the owl too!

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