Tuesday, April 30, 2019

New Vegan Finds

Vegan products seem to becoming more and more mainstream and I'm here for it!
 I found these Dang Sticky Rice Chips at Whole Foods in Brooklyn. They are addictive!

I found this No Evil vegan chicken at Wegman's. I love the packaging. I made some "chkn" fajitas with it.

We grilled these up last night and all really liked them. They are the best vegan sausages that I've tried. Even the non-vegan liked them. Now we want to try the hot Italian sausages.
 This was also a Wegman's find. I haven't tried it yet but it looks like it will make a quick lunch or dinner for me.
 I'm excited to try this Veggeroni. I've never seen this brand before. What should I make with it?
** Edit--this is NOT vegan and contains egg whites. ** #whoops
 This was another find at the Brooklyn Whole Foods. I've been looking for the Violife Just Like Feta around where I live and it's never stocked.  It's very creamy and rich.  Greek salads are coming my way!
I'm so happy that both Halo Top and Enlightened brands have added dairy free flavors now!  I like this flavor and mint chip.  Now I'm on the hunt for their 100 calorie dairy free bars!

*Edit*I forgot to add this one!
Just like Cheeze-Its (but better)!

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Monday, April 29, 2019

{Travel} A Very Brief Bit of Boston & Back

If you were following along and saw my trip post about Providence, Rhode Island you'd know that we were on our way to Boston and College Girl.
 It was a super quick visit to attend her sorority installation and then drive her home to see a show so we were only in Boston for one night.  It was starting to look like Spring there!
 Hotel selfie!
 We met up with College Girl at Eataly for dinner.
 Always a great choice!
 Quick family shot before she had to go to her initiation.
 A surprise get together with friends who were also visiting Boston that night!
We ended up at Kings for some 4 way air hockey....
 and bowling!
 The next morning was her sorority's installation at her college.
After brunch we headed home and had her for about 36 hours before she flew back. What a whirlwind weekend!

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Thursday, April 25, 2019

{Travel} My Must-Have Travel Items & Hacks

I have been thinking about this post for awhile now and I'm ready to share my top travel must haves and  packing hacks.

1)Packing cubes
I'm a total packing cube convert and now use them for every trip.
I devoted a whole post to them here - 10 Days in Europe in one Carry On.

2)Corded  (noise cancelling) headphones
The noise cancelling kind are so nice for air travel when you're trying to watch a movie.  You usually need headphones with a cord to tap into the plane's entertainment system too.
I always bring a set of corded headphones for using the plane's entertainment system (though the last time we traveled internationally, they gave out free sets).  I love my AirPods for listening to/watching things on my phone.

3)Phone on Airplane mode
Download your favorite music and podcasts and listen to them in airplane mode.

 4) Blanket Scarf
I use this for plane and car travel. It keeps me warm on chilly planes and keeps my travel outfit clean in case I spill my coffee. #always  It's so much nicer than those airplane blankets!!

5)Foldable  & reusable shopping bag
The one  on the right  comes with me everywhere I go. It's always in my purse.  It also goes on vacation with me.   A lot of places have either eliminated or cut down on disposable plastic bag use.
I'm always happy to have my own bag for shopping.  In a pinch it's been my camera bag in the rain too.  I throw it in the wash and air dry it every few months.

6) Gel insoles for my shoes
Traveling means LOTS of walking and I want my feet to be as comfy as possible.

7)Sanitizing wipes and hand sanitizer
I am a certified "germ phobe" so I always have hand sanitizer with  me. I use the wipes for airplane trays, arm rests and restaurant tables.  Nobody wants to get sick on a trip!

8)Eye mask & ear plugs
I use these on the plane and in hotels and airbnbs.

9)Cotton pads in makeup compacts
To keep my makeup from crumbling in travel, I cut cotton pads to fit inside the compacts.
Make sure the compact can close securely. It works like a charm!
10) Plastic wrap on bottles
To give liquids a little more spill resistance, cut a small piece of plastic wrap to cover the opening of the bottle before putting on the lid.

Make a copy of your passport and keep it in a different place than where you keep your passport. Taking a photo on your phone works too but I still like having a hard copy (you can also leave a hard copy at home).  Screenshot your itinerary and keep it as the lock photo on your phone.
What are your best travel hacks?

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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

{Travel} Providence, Rhode Island

We stayed in Providence for one night on our way up to visit College Girl in Boston.
 Must fuel up on some caffeine along the way!
 We'd been to Providence a few times for college visits but hadn't explored the city too much.
Mr. Click had a meeting so I struck out on my own for the afternoon.
 I headed to their downtown area.

Providence is very walkable and full of charm.


I had fun stopping in the cute shops and admiring the old and new architecture.

 Love me some old doors!
 Providence is home to eight colleges and universities so it's definitely a college town.

 It truly is the Renaissance City!
 That night we went to the Federal Hill neighborhood (their version of Little Italy) for dinner.
 We had dinner at Zooma Trattoria.

I chose Zooma because it had some good vegan options (I had the pasta with roasted veggies and pesto).  Everything was excellent there!
After dinner we walked down by the water. I would love to come back in the summer for an authentic Venetian gondola ride and to see the Water Fire show.

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