Friday, May 31, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 5.26.13 & 6.2.13

I missed the deadline for this past Sunday's Scavenger Hunt and next week prompts are all Photographer's Choice so I'm combining the two!

The gorgeous view from our room while we were in can see the castle in the distance.

 This was the biggest Dole Whip I've ever seen.  I asked the girls who were eating it if I could take a photo, it was so impressive!

The sounds of veggies cooking on the hibachi. YUM!

Japan's Pavillion in EPCOT.
Walking around Animal Kingdom on a quiet early morning.
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Thursday, May 30, 2013

{Scrapbooking} Some of my Favorite Layouts

I was organizing my scrapbooks recently and looking back, I had some fun layouts. Nowadays, I'm not as creative {sigh} and I'm behind on my albums so I'm always in a rush when I'm doing them.
Here's one that I'm particularly proud of.  My husband earned an incentive trip to Hawaii in 2001. It was our first "President's Club" trip and what a trip it was!  We stayed on the Big Island and I cut out the shape of the island for my layout. 
Sorry about the blurry pictures, I took the page protectors off but they still didn't photograph well.
For that trip I also used a postcard format for my journaling.
I still can't believe we did this! We went on a waterfall hike as one of our excursions. I had to take three photos of the largest one we saw (on the right) and stack them together to see the full effect of it.  In the top left photo --that's us standing under the waterfall. Well sort of, the trail was very narrow and made of very slippery rock that plummeted 300 feet so I was scared to death.  We stood under at the edge while the guide snapped our picture and got right back out.  Yes, we signed some serious waivers for this trip!
I've thought about doing an all-Disney album but then I'd feel like I'd still have to do a few pages in our  chronological albums so the Disney album hasn't happened yet. It would be pretty big and probably more than one album at this point.  This layout is from out trip in May 2002..look how little the girls were!
I was pretty proud of myself with this layout because I used some animal print paper for our visit to Animal Kingdom. Fancy, right?
Did you know there's a barber shop on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom?  It's a great place to get your child's first haircut.  We didn't get Miss Middle School's hair cut but they styled it for her with a cute French braid and lots of pixie dust.  It was such a special memory. She even got a pair of Mickey ears commemorating the event!
Here's another page from that trip when we went to dinner at Whispering Canyon Cafe in the Wilderness Lodge. Do you see hubby's large soda, that's because he asked for Pepsi and they only serve Coke products in Disney.  See what happens when you ask for catsup!
Here's another fun meal at Chef Mickey at the Contemporary.  There were double Minnies!
Finally, here's a page that I love from a trip to the beach. I used a sandy colored page, black and white photos and just a few touches of blue...I think it made the black and white photos stand out. Do you see that uber creative "O" I made??  It's a beach ball in case you are wondering. :)

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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

{The Abode} Living Room Curtains

This post is overdue.  Please forgive my tardiness while I distract you with these shiny pretties.
We finally found curtains for the living room and I splurged a little on the rods.  They didn't break the bank and were from Target. 
They are Anita grey curtains from Ikea.  I love our dining room Ikea curtains so much that I was ready to find another pair for the living room. I never thought I'd get solid grey curtains, but they looked pretty in the store and I thought I'd try them out.  I could always return them if they weren't right.
They have a subtle design woven into the fabric and they are heavy and substantial.
But before I get ahead of is the BEFORE.  This room is so hard to photograph so I didn't get a great one.  We had these rather formal damask curtains with a fancy jabot.  They were here when we moved in and I've been nervous about replacing them but we finally bit the bullet.
Here's why. The swaggy jabot was stapled onto a cornice board that was screwed into the wall.
And I  do mean screwed. Check out these bad boys!
Here I am trying to be stealthy and artsy taking a photo in a mirror.
We were left with these monstrous holes (no, we haven't filled them in yet but they are covered by the new curtains until we get to them).
While the hubs was taking down the old curtains, I amused myself.
I won't bore you with the curtain rod hanging details but here they are. Ta Da!!
Again, I had a hard time getting an accurate photograph of the room

These are a little better. You can see them against our wall color and furniture.
A close up of the material. They hang really nicely because of their weight.
I love 'em, they're staying!
I still need to hem them but for now they are puddled.

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

{Blogspiration} Outfit Posts

I'm kind of obsessed with this blog and have been ever since I discovered it on Pinterest.

It's called Outfit Posts and it's full of great outfit ideas and inspiration.
It's written by MK.  You never see her face but her outfits speak for themselves.
One Suitcase: Beach Vacation Capsule Wardrobe was what got my attention on Pinterest.
She takes 16 pieces of clothing and shows you 40 outfits you can make out of them.
She also tells you where she got the pieces and gives links to similar items if they are no longer available.
Here's an example of her first five outfits from the set.
I like her plan of starting with some basics then adding in a few "interest pieces" and your accessories to mix up your outfits.

I'm not exactly going on a beach vacation but it is a warm location and it's made me think of my wardrobe in a different way.  I tend to overpack..are you with me?
She's got some other "One Suitcase" posts for business casual trips in different seasons.
She also finds inspiration outfits and then recreates them.
Check it all out here.

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Monday, May 27, 2013

{Travel} Disney Eats (and Drinks) I Want to Try

Did you know there was a Disney Food Blog?
I've recently discovered it and it's a dangerously good thing.
We haven't been to Disney since August 2011, when they were just introducing the Mickey shaped soft pretzels. We never did find one so I will definitely be looking for one this time.
I thought I new pretty much everything about dining in Disney but I learned a few new things while reading the article- "56 Must-Read Disney Dining Secrets from Disney Food Blog".  While reading it, I discovered a snack we've never experienced.
It's called School Bread and can be found in Epcot's Norway at the Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe.  The description is "a sweet bread roll, injected with vanilla pudding,then covered in sweet icing and toasted coconut." Yes please!
We've had the Cloudberry Horn from Kringla and it was amazing so I can only imagine how the School Bread will taste.  To read a great description of it, click here.
How cute is this new Viking Mousse (also from Norway)?

Another new food item that sounded good to me was the Meatball Cone found in Downtown Disney's Marketplace Snacks.
Turkey meatballs smothered in marinara sauce, sprinkled with provolone cheese and served in a bread cone..and served with a side of chips!  There's also a Chili Cone Queso available. Disney "handwiches" seem to be the thing these days (even though this one is served with a fork).
I also enjoy a cocktail or some 'champs' when I'm in WDW and here was another surprise to me.  Why not, I'm on vacation and I'm not driving anywhere.
Grown up slushies like the Grand Manier Orange Slush and the Grey Goose Citron Lemon Slush are found in Epcot's French Pavillion.
These might give' champs' a run for its money this year.
I might head over to Epcot's Mexico Pavillion to try out their Margarita Flight at Cava del Tequila.
source Photo credit:Shayne Newell
Don't they look yummy?
I've been to Animal Kingdom so many times and never even noticed the Dawa Bar. It is right next to the Tusker House Restaurant and I've probably walked by it on every visit. Thanks to the Disney Food Blog I now know about it and some of its specialty cocktails like the African Margarita (pictured). I need to add this to our 'must try' list!

I'm sure we'll have a few of our old favorites but I'm looking forward to trying some new treats as well.
To read more of our Disney adventures, you can start here.

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Friday, May 24, 2013

{Travel} Disney Apps to Try

We have an upcoming trip to Disney planned and I though it would be fun to try some of the many Disney apps that are available for our trip.

This one looks pretty awesome.
My Disney Experience  for Iphone and Android (free)

I've already installed it and I've been exploring all of its options.
You can link to your Disney resort and dining reservations. It also has interactive park maps, wait times, park hours, dining options and a lot more!
Here are some screen shots.


Another fun option is sharing your itinerary and plans with friends and family you are traveling with.

The reviews are mixed so I will also get a few more apps in case this one isn't running quickly enough once we're in the parks.  Like this next one...

Disney World Wait Times (free)
This one is all about the wait times for the attractions at all four parks in WDW. You can see them all on one screen and it uses the GPS on your phone to locate the closest ride to you.  You can even participate by adding in a ride time while you're at one of the parks.

I always take a lot of photos while I'm at Disney and this app is all about enhancing them.
Disney Memories HD for Iphone and Android (free)
It makes my photo-taking heart go pitter patter!

Missed a photo op with your favorite character? You can make it happen with this app.
You can also add Disney themed filters and stickers to your photos and frame them up with attraction and character themed frames, then share them easily with your friends and family!
To keep the magic alive all year long, there's even a DisneyTime Photo of the Day to experience it all over again!

I'll review these all when we get back.
Do you have any favorite Disney apps to add to my list?

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thrift Shopping {Remix}

While College Girl was home last week we both had the same idea of hitting up Goodwill.  I wasn't really looking for anything in particular so of course I found a lot!
Here are most of our spoils. The paperback books are some summer beach reading for her.
I found a couple of clear cylindrical vases that have already been great for bouquets of lilacs and azaleas.
I have a serious hate for Goodwill price tags..they are held on by some kind of supersonic glue!
:rant over:
I finally found a trophy cup that I like too! I have plans for this.
This old wide mouth jar caught my eye. I've also used it for flowers but I have the urge to fill it with gum balls for some reason.
Now, these were my exciting purchase! I found a great stash of Reader's Digest books with really pretty covers. I've seen other bloggers decorating with them but I had never seen them at a thrift shop. 
I had to restrain myself from getting too many but at just .97/each, it was hard.
I bought five and I've placed them around the house for some bright pops of color and pattern. 
My daughter also found a vintage-y leather jacket and a belt.
I found a shirt!  Woop Woop!
All in all, a fun forty five minutes at the thrift shop!
What have you been thrifting lately?

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