Wednesday, February 20, 2019

{Field Trip} Philadelphia Auto Show

Hitting up the auto show wouldn't normally be my first choice of outings but we were gifted tickets to the event and had a free day, so off we went! #sayyes
We decided to take the train into Philly. I used to commute every day on good (?) old Septa but this was Mr. Click's first time on this train.
 The trip was easy peasy and we walked right into the convention center without even going outside.  So many fancy cars!
 Of course we had to check out the Jeeps (my favorite!).
 Ruh roh!
 The classic cars and movie/tv show cars were the most fun for me.

 I wasn't getting the perspective right on this one but I tried!

 After we'd had enough of the cars (and people who love them) we headed over to Reading Terminal Market.  It was pretty busy in there and it was such a nice day that we decided to walk to one of our favorite spots for brunch.
 It felt like a Spring day! Say "hi" to Billy Penn!
 We went to Bar Bombon - the same place we went for my birthday dinner and we loved it just as much.  It's a vegan Latin tapas restaurant and bar.  The small plates are perfect for sampling and sharing.
 It's an all vegan place that Mr. Click likes as much as I do.  Those meatballs and garlic bread!!
 Cauliflower tacos and yep...I had to try the traditional pancakes.
They were SO good! Have you ever been to an auto show?

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Monday, February 18, 2019

{Entertaining} Chili Cook Off 2019

We hosted our 4th Annual Chili Cook Off a few weeks ago. We usually have it on Halloween but since we were in Edinburgh this year, we had to reschedule.  The weekend before Super Bowl seemed like a perfect time.
 We worked on new ballots this year to make the voting less complicated.
 Mr. Click devised this system and it seemed to work well. We're always tweaking the system and trying to make it the most fair voting system it can be.
 The house was all set up and ready for our guests. It's a relatively easy party to throw because your guests help supply the food. I made corn bread muffins and had the rest of the fixings ready to go (cheese, chips, sour cream). I also served a few snacks and made brownies for dessert.
 The tasting and voting begins!
 Our 2019 winners!! Woo hoo!  After voting, we enjoyed more chili (of course!) and played  a few hours of Quiplash. Our stomachs hurt from laughing so much.
I had fun decorating the 'trophies' this year with some Dollar Tree pom poms (the wooden spoons are from DT too). It's all in good fun and it was another successful cook off! We had some really creative chilis to pick from: pizza chili (with pepperoni and mozzarella cheese), blackened mesquite chicken and sausage chili, barbecue chicken chili, traditional beef chili and three vegetarian entries as well.

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Thursday, February 14, 2019

{The Abode} Basement Powder Room

We're still not done our first floor powder room makeover but while we were waiting, we decided to paint the basement powder room too.
We used the same color that we're going to use in the other powder room (Benjamin Moore Buxton Blue).
Here's a before pic from when we first finished the basement.   The paint was starting to get scuffed up and needed a refresh,
I'm still looking for accessories but I picked up the shelf at Primark (for College Girl but she didn't take it!) and the basket for toilet paper.  We'll probably hang the shelf once I have all of the accessories figured out.
There's nothing like a fresh coat of paint!

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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

College Care Package

This was the first college care package I put together for College Girl since she's been stateside.  Shipping internationally is crazy expensive, so I'm happy to have her back in the States!

You don't want to know what we spent to ship this one!
 I managed to fit a lot of items in the medium flat rate box.  I took some of the packaging off to make it easier to fit in the box.

Snack packs
Coconut rice
Unicorn lip gloss
Clorox Wipes
Rhino jewelry dish
GFB mini bars
Llama socks
Popping Valentines  (for her friends)
Sheet mask
Fox shaped hot/cold pack
Mini stapler and staples
Pom pom decorations
All wrapped up and ready to go. Of course I used my new tape dispenser to tape it up.   She loved it all!

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