Friday, February 28, 2014

{Entertaining} What a Weekend - Part 2

 Part 1 of our weekend was all about the snowy weather, scary travel and snappy Aladdin Jr performances, but Part 2 was all about celebrating College Girl's birthday!
We hosted a birthday brunch for her that Sunday.  
Brunch=mimosas to me and a mimosa bar sounds like fun, doesn't it?
I pinned a couple of ideas and used the label printables from here.
I made the banner by printing out the letters (the font is SketchRockwell) then cutting them out with a circle cutter and backing them with black card stock cut in a slightly larger circle. I cut the bunting flags out of burlap scrapbook paper, glued the circles to each flag, and then strung it all together with some twine.
I kept it simple with two kinds of juice, champagne, sparkling cider and seltzer.
The champagne glasses were purchased from Ikea for this party
Chevron straws (Hobby Lobby) are always appropriate!
The birthday girl and her her sister.
Brunch is so fun for me because I, (like Leslie Knope) love all breakfast foods.  I set up this counter as the bakery bar with mini cinnamon buns from Costco, mixed berry scones (Trader Joe's mix) and donut hole kabobs (set in a jar of dry brown rice).
We had a breakfast burrito bar with scrambled eggs (we went through this pack and then had to make more), tofu-veggie scramble, tortillas, shredded cheese, tater tots and salsa.
Yeah, I said tots!

Putting the birthday girl to work making the tofu scramble while Dad made the eggs.

We didn't want to make the eggs and tofu scramble until the last minute and then we put them in a chafing dish to keep warm on the island.  
(I'd like to be warm on an island right now myself!)
There was a fruit, yogurt and granola bar with little cups to make yogurt parfaits.
Assorted bagels and spreads were part of the 'bakery' bar and I bought this awesome Sweet Kale Vegetable Salad Kit from Costco.
Get some!
To keep things easy, I didn't make much at all beforehand (except the scones).  The snow days gave Miss Middle School time to make some desserts which was a huge help.  
She made pink velvet cake pops and Trader Joe's Blondies (thank you Katie for the tip!).
 She also made Reeses No Bake Bars in a spring form pan to serve as the (vegan) cake.
 As usual, it was a big hit.
 Miss Middle School also painted and blinged out the birthday candles for me (idea from Pinterest). Aren't they fun?
It was a sweet ending to a fantastic weekend!

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Thursday, February 27, 2014

What a Weekend - Part 1

Valentine's Day weekend was a fun filled and hectic one for us.  It started out with a snow storm on Wednesday night that gave us two more snow days and another foot of snow.  Miss Middle School's "Aladdin Jr" show was scheduled for Friday and Saturday and we were worried it wouldn't be able to go on as planned.  College Girl was also supposed to come home for a short winter break on Thursday night but the road conditions weren't looking favorable for travel. Talk about stress!!
*edit* I forgot the the hubs was flying home from Vegas on Wednesday night into the storm.
As it turned out, they were able to have all of the scheduled shows and they were all amazing performances. I saw all three shows (while also working at the Kiss The Cast Table) and could have seen it ten more times!
 College Girl was able to make it home on Friday and come to the show!
Happy Mom!
 A quick shot of her DIY floral crown (she did add a few more blossoms) as she was getting ready to go out with some friends after the show.
The show wasn't the only thing we had going on that weekend.
to be continued...
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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

{WOYWW} 2.26.14 Kiss The Cast

Sometimes the dining room table is my work desk.
Right now it's covered with Kiss the Cast bags just waiting to be distributed at the upcoming cast party.
If you're not familiar with Kiss The Cast, it's a way of sending good wishes to the cast and crew of a theatrical production.  Parents, friends and family members who come to the show can fill out a card that has a Hershey kiss attached to it to be given to the cast and crew.

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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

{Get Organized} Spice Rack Bathroom Storage

My girls have a very small bathroom where every square inch counts.  
It got cluttered in there when both girls were using it over Christmas break and I wanted to find a solution to give them a little more storage and easy access to their products.
They have minimal counter space
and limited storage for their everyday items.
The Ikea rail system just wasn't cutting it any longer.
I found the idea on Pinterest to use Ikea Bekvam spice racks for bathroom storage and picked up 4 of them back in January.  They are only $3.99/each!
I quickly got to work assembling them ( Instagramming this back in January also). 
Then we got a lot of snow and frigid, below zero temperatures so I couldn't spray paint them.
I finally got a semi warm day in February to paint them. Yay!
We hung them up this weekend and I love them!  We only ended up using two of them.
Now I can use them somewhere else in the house.  They are really versatile little shelves.  They can even be flipped over as a shelf/towel rack combo. Cute, right?
I was thinking we'd put one on the left side of the room but when we held one up to the wall, it felt too cluttered and closed in.

I love how these humble spice racks have become lovely, organized storage for this tiny bath.
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Monday, February 24, 2014

Song-ography Hazy Shade of Winter

We finally got some milder temperatures this weekend (50+!) so we headed to the park for some sunshine and fresh air. I needed to take some pictures for my photography class and my husband was a very patient and willing model for me as I struggled with all those manual settings in a very crowded park.  I captured some good ones of him but this mitten really told a story and worked for this photo challenge.  I'm participating in Kathy's Song-ography Photo Challenge this week and the theme is Hazy Shade of Winter.

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Friday, February 21, 2014

{Recipe}Roasted Chickpeas-Two Ways

Crunchy, nutty, addictive roasted chickpeas,what took me so long?
I finally made some and we devoured the results. 
 I tried a sweet (coconut oil spray, cinnamon & brown sugar) version and a savory (olive oil, salt, pepper, dried onion & garlic powder) version. 
(I wouldn't advise doing this on the same baking sheet.) :)
I used can chickpeas, rinsed and dried off of any excess moisture.
Cover baking sheets with parchment paper for easy clean up.
Roast at 400 F until brown and crispy (30-40 minutes). They are best hot out of the oven or slightly cooled.  You can also store them(once completely cooled) in an air tight container if you have any leftovers.
The possibilities are endless for this yummy and healthy treat!
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Thursday, February 20, 2014

{Get Crafty} Floral Crown

We have a guest crafter today, my daughter (aka Miss Middle School).  
She is showing us how to make this pretty floral crown.
Start with some floral wire and wax covered cotton twine. Wrap the wire with the twine until you have enough to fit on your head (you only need to cover half of your head circumference because you'll be adding ribbon).
Check and measure that you have enough, adding more until you make it half way around your head with the twine wrapped wire.  Cut and twist the ends to secure.
Wrap the twine wrapped wire with ribbon (you'll need about 3 times the length of the wire).
Glue the ribbon occasionally as you wrap it to keep it secure.
Once the wire is completely wrapped you'll have two "tails" for tying the crown.
Test it out and trim to desired length.
Now gather the flowers you want to use, leaving a small piece of stem at the bottom.
Cut a piece of floral tape 2-3 inches long .
Wrap one end of the tape around the flower stem,
then secure the rest of the tape by wrapping it around the crown a few times.
The tape will hold the flowers in place.

Keep adding flowers and leaves until you like the result.
When you get to the ends, your crown will be complete.
Go out in the snow and do a Spring dance!!
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