Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Snack Time

Fruit is good for us, right? But how about making it fun to eat too? I made these strawberry and banana kabobs up for my daughter the other night. I used a drinking straw rather than a sharp skewer (bonus is you get to slurp out all the strawberry/banana pulp when you're done!).  These could go in a lunch box too.  Served with a little side of whipped cream, she was one happy snacker!!
Do you have any creative ways to serve up yummy, healthy fruit?

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Chelsea said...

I love a good fruit parfait - some vanilla yogurt and granola + fruit = delish! But those look like tons of fun, too - especially with the whipped cream. Mmmm... I'm hungry for lunch already, haha! said...

Hi Chelsea. Fruit/yogurt/granola=YUM! Whenever I hear parfait I think of Donkey from Shrek (I don't know if you've seen it since you don't have kids yet). Just picture Eddie Murphy saying the word 'parfait'. :)

Anonymous said...

Went to a Rockies baseball game this past weekend and they were selling banana pieces and strawberries on a skewer...looked just like your picture...except they had drizzled both white and dark chocolate over them. Looked delicious!

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