Monday, April 30, 2012

Charleston/Savannah - Day 4 {Savannah}

On day 4 of our trip, we were up early and ready to go to Savannah. We stopped at Starbucks for a quick breakfast and then we hit the road.  It's about a two hour drive between Charleston and Savannah.  We stopped along the way at this very cute country store.
 I can't remember its name but it had all sorts of samples of honey, cider and other goodies.
It was just a quick stop and then we were on our way. We were anxious to get to our next destination.
 We crossed the Talmadge bridge into Georgia and we were IN Savannah!
It didn't take long to find our hotel which was set against a cobblestone street along the Savannah River.  
We arrived at The River Street Inn late morning and our lovely room was ready!
We had a little balcony overlooking the river.

The hotel is in an old cotton factory with lots of exposed brick, high ceilings and gracious furnishings.
{view of the river from our balcony}
After unpacking and freshening up a bit we set out to find lunch.   We walked right out of the hotel onto River Street and into Huey's (it had no line and was right there).  The food was good and I got to try Fried Green Tomatoes. We also got this huge bowl of beignets "on the house".  Wow!! Amazingly good and messy!
We were ready to explore the city.  Savannah is easy to get around on foot and we never needed our car.  We decided to take a trolley tour of the city and chose Old Savannah Tours because we could buy tickets right outside of our hotel. Since it was after 2pm we could ride the trolleys for the rest of the day and all day the next day too!  We chose the on/off option where you can get on and off the trolleys at any of their specified stops. 
This is the church where the feather fell down right in front of Forrest Gump. 
(you learn this stuff on the tour)
They picked us up at our hotel and we started the tour at the Savannah Visitor Center.   The iron fencing above is called Presidents and Poets.  There is so much beautiful iron work all over the city.
This is one of Savannah's 22 squares.
The architecture and history of the city are really interesting.
Birthplace of Juliet Gordon Low(found of the Girl Scouts).

That red house is the smallest house in Savannah, just 200 square feet. I think it just sold for $200,000! We also passed The Lady & Sons and waved to Paula Deene.
We took almost the entire tour and hopped off near our hotel for a little shopping.
Another shot of the river.
Our hotel had a complimentary wine reception every night. They also had soft drinks and hors d'oeuvres.
You could sit inside or out on the wrap around porch.
We met some really nice people out on the porch.  What a wonderful first day in Savannah!
We had dinner along River Street, walked along the cobblestones and made it an early night.

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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Friday Phone Dump Week 17

I was going to wait and do this post after my daughter's prom last night but I took way too many photos of the kids.  Here's what I took up until that point.  (BTW I'm using Photowonder for Android to make this's really easy and fun to use!)

Row 1) Breakfast with the curly girl * Older daughter's artwork won best in show * thrift store purchase*
Row 2) My niece and daughter playing piano * Making cookies with our niece*
Row 3) More cookie making * Mulching, it's done..thank goodness!*
Row 4) Buying flowers at Lowes * Me, weeding*

I will leave you with one prom shot that I took with Instagram.

I will be sharing more later(as well as finishing up our Charleston/Savannah trip coverage).
Happy Weekend!

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Charleston/Savannah - Day 3 {Middleton Place & Fort Sumter}

On our third day in Charleston we visited some historical sites. 
The first one was Middleton Place Plantation
You start your tour at this serene statue.
Isn't she lovely?
{speaking of lovely!!}
Middleton Place has 65 acres of gardens, stable yards and a museum.
Here's an overhead shot of the place that I borrowed from their website.

This sign gives some history of the plantation.  It is a national historic landmark.
Look at the size of the tree trunk. Enormous!
I love how this photo looks like a painting.
Everywhere you looked, it was stunning.
Well maybe stunning isn't the word for this snake we passed on a shady path.
There were plenty of spots to rest and reflect.
Here's a bit of the original plantation's ruins.
This building holds the restaurant.
It was such a beautiful day and so pleasant to tour the grounds...
which were huge!
This photo is of a turtle riding on the back of a tiny alligator!
It was a lovely way to spend our Easter Sunday morning.
After Middleton we drove back into downtown Charleston to catch the ferry to Fort Sumter.
A view of the bridge from the ferry.
It was super windy on the upper deck.
These five flags represent a timeline of Civil War flags at the fort from 1861-1865.
When we landed, we listened to the history of the fort which was so interesting!
Fort Sumter is where the civil war began back in 1861.
Most of it was destroyed so the place looks pretty bombed out but the canons are still standing.
My hubby loves history so he was loving it all.

It was very windy at the top of the fort too. 

We braved the winds for this incredible view.
This is a shot looking down into the fort from the top.
Some information about the 5 fort flags.
We were pretty beat after a full day of sightseeing so we were ready for an early dinner/late lunch at The Boathouse back in Isle of Palms.  The dinner was ok but the highlight was seeing dolphins swim by from their deck.
We had to go back to the beach at least one more time.
We also went for a walk in the shopping area and got ice cream at Ben & Jerry's.
It was time to pack up and get ready for the next leg of our trip.
Savannah here we come!

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