Friday, October 1, 2010

Updating our Abode - Laundry Room

I don't do much decorating in the laundry room.  First of all it's teeny tiny.  It is a pass through from the garage into the house and always been an eyesore.  Recently I added some clothespin decor above the cabinets.

We painted the pantry with some left over paint and decided it was time to paint the laundry room as well. We were on a home improvement roll!  Please excuse the blue hue on the photos, I think that's painters tape.

We had an extra gallon of Benjamin Moore Stratton Blue (it looks kind of green in the photos) to use in there.  It makes the white cabinets and washer/dryer pop.

Pretty nice, right?
It was definitely a much needed improvement to the room.

I found this rug and it really brought in all of the colors from the first floor. The room right outside of the laundry room is green and we decorate with lots of browns.

I was trying to capture the color difference of the two rooms.

I did some organizing and cleared out most of the top shelf.  Now it holds my larger vases on a clear tray.
I added some artwork by my daughter over the sink (to hide the big holes the previous owners used to access the powder room plumbing on the other side)

I keep a calendar right by the door out to the garage, it comes in handy on busy mornings.

We keep some overflow sweatshirts, hats and scarfs on a peg rack right below the shelf.

A copper boot tray holds a basket of hangers for air drying and a trash can for our recyclables.

I have one more organizational project to try out in here. Will keep you posted!

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Debbie said...

Great room filled with cool treasures!!~ Hey if your going to do laundry it should be in a room filled with some fun right? Love your washer and dryer too, I am so sorry I did not get husband said I could and I opted for the ole traditional ones!

katskraps4kids said...

That looks really great! Where'd you find that rug, if I may ask? I LOVE it!

And I love the color too, on your wall. I might not mind laundry so much if I LIKED my laundry room. =)

Sharing Shadymont said...

Great job. Love the paint color in your laundry room.

Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said...

Love the clothespins! Cute idea! I really like that heart shaped wooden bowl. It's gorgeous!

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Love the color, it looks so pretty. Your decorations are fabulous too. Love the sign and the clothes pins. Hugs, Marty

Chelsea said...

Looks great - I LOVE that new paint color! It is pretty small - but super cute! :)


Life in Rehab said...

The laundry room often gets no love. I think the paint and tweaks really made a huge difference, and that's important when you're talking about a space you don't really want to be in anyway. Why not make it pleasant and pretty? said...

Wo... Thanks guys!! I don't mind being in there as much these days and I'm not as embarrassed if the door happens to be open when someone drops by!

@Kate I got the rug at Kohl's.

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Heather, it looks great. Love the color. That is my next big project. said...

We have the same small laundry :( Your paint job really brightens up the small space. I'm going to get to our laundry some day...for now, still closing the door! :)

Jenny said...

Heather, that color is so beautiful and restful. I really love that.

I'm sending this link to my daughter. She's talking about re-doing her laundry room and this color might be perfect for her.

Clever you putting those clothespins into the cloche like that!

Super neat.

MySweetCreations said...

Whoa, I LOVE the Stratton Blue paint! So beautiful with the white cabinets. Your laundry room looks great!

Thoughtfully blended hearts said...

I do like that color...your clothespin decor is so cute and laundry desperately needs "cute"...great job!!!

Ashley said...

It looks beautiful. Nice color. I love what you did with the clothespins. You've inspired me to start thinking about my laundry room.

Denise Marie said...

love what you did. I'll be doing the same thing soon.

Janet said...

I love the color. The clothespin decor on top of your cabinets is very pretty.

I am stopping by from Met Monday.


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