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Charleston/Savannah - Day 5 {More Savannah-Part 1}

 I'm thinking this is going to be more than one post for our second day in Savannah.  If you need to catch up on our trip, it start right here.
I'm warning you, this is photo overload!!

We were up bright and early the next day for more Savannah fun.  On our way down to breakfast I took a picture of the 3rd floor hallway that is supposed to be haunted.
{we never saw the ghost}

Waiting for the elevator and looking a little creepy on the "haunted" floor.
We had breakfast at Tubby's which was connected to the hotel (can you see how early it is-we had the place to ourselves!).   
Savannah seems to be a late night/late morning kind of town.


We decided to hop back on the Old Savannah trolley and use our 'hop off' option to do some sightseeing.  We could see City Hall from our hotel, it had recently been re-gilded and it was super bright and shiny!


Our tour guide/trolley driver was even better the second day. He was a 4th generation Savannahian and full of fascinating information.  Above is a better photo of the steeple from the church (where the feather was dropped down in Forrest Gump).  The other photo is the Twin Sister House.  Their father built them identical attached homes and they never stopped fighting over which one was better.

This next house is from the movie Midnight In The Garden of Good & Evil. 
We reluctantly hopped off the trolley to walk around City Market.  We all were sorry to miss the rest of his tour.
Just had to stop in to see Paula.
Then stumbled on this amazing store called The Paris Market.
Eye candy like I've never seen in one place!

I knew I couldn't carry any of this home on the plane so I had to satisfy myself with photo memories.
I kinda wanted to live here.
It was like Anthropologie on steroids (in the best possible way!)
They also had a small snack bar and we tried the cantaloupe/basil water..soo good!
Their Easter window display was charming. 
Miss Vegan had done her research again and we had lunch at the Mellow Mushroom. They are known for their pizza but also have a huge menu full of other tasty treats.
This was my delicious stuffed portobello.
Vegan girl got this tofu hoagie with sprouts. nom nom nom...
Time to walk off that lunch. Savannah seems much smaller on foot! The trolley makes you feel like it's much bigger than it really is.   We stopped off to see the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist because we heard it was a must see.

It sure was!
It reminded me of our trip when we saw Notre Dame in Montreal which is also stunningly beautiful.

This will have to be continued....
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scrappymo! said...

Oh you lucky girl! I loved Savannah!
We were there in twice in May 2011. We started and ended our trip in Savannah.
How did I miss that Paris Market (sigh)
It looks fabulous.
I bought 3 lovely sundresses, a fab sunhat, new sunglasses and several costume jewelry pieces. Such fun shops.
We loved mellow mushroom too! The Pink house was great and there is a fabulous day spa in an old historic house. Wish i could remember the name.
Are you going to Tybee Island?
The beach was superb...
Have fun and enjoy your vacation.

dee dee said...

What a lovely trip! I have so enjoyed seeing all your photos over the last few posts! It has been like a mini vacation!
dee dee

Designs By Pinky said...

Wonderful pics, I have on my bucket list to visit Savanah and Charleston, each for a few days. I hope I get there especially after seeing your post. XO, Pinky

Katie said...

What beautiful pictures!

I love the story about the twin sisters' house. I can't believe they fought over which one was better...and that their dad built them each a house! I wish someone would be build me a house, I promise I wouldn't fight over it at all!!

I always get so freaked out by those ghost stories! I don't know why, but I let my imagination get the best of me and I get myself all worked up!

Yvette @ AquaSeventy6 said...

I love Charleston and Savannah! My husband and I took the kids there on a winter road trip for 9 consecutive years! LOVE IT!

Pam - @diy Design Fanatic said...

Paris Market is always my first stop when visiting Savannah. I came home with a large cloche this time. We had dinner at Mellow Mushroom this past visit and we had a wonderful dinner sitting outside.

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