Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday Phone Dump Week 14

My week in cell phone photos.
You have to squint for this one, my lilacs are budding.
A rose that my older daughter got at her cheer banquet. It's still looking good, a week later.

Hubby and me out on a date night at the movies (we saw Friends With Kids). He's having popcorn and I'm having a movie theater cappuccino (ok, not great).

After the movie, we went out for Mexican food.   I like how they serve their salsa in little bottles . I could drink the stuff, but I restrained myself.

Hubby took a short business trip this week.

Gas prices are crazy high right now so I when I can get 'gas reward points' from the supermarket, I get very excited.  I had a special coupon for 500 additional points, so I ended up saving .70c/gallon. 
Woo to the Hoo!

Out to lunch with a friend, we tried this Blackberry Sage unsweetened iced tea.  It was really good and the bottles are so pretty!

I was so proud of my WWF score (I'm not that good, can you tell?) and I'm also happy that I figured out how to take a screen shot on my phone.
I'm also pretty excited that Instragram is available for Android now.  I'm just learning how to use it but if you want to follow me, I'm oliac.  I'll follow back!  

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Tiffany said...

Way to go on your Gas points!! And your words with friends score. I am absolutely terrible at word games so I don't play. I blame my mild dyslexia LOL. I'm addicted to Sudoku on my phone right now.

dee dee said...

It sure looks like you have had another great week! I envy your date with your hubby.... I need to kidnap mine so we can go out and enjoy an evening! Have a great weekend!
dee dee

Bliss said...

Well the movie theaters are cold, but I don't even think ours sell coffee of any kind, so I'm sitting next to your hubby and sharing popcorn.

YES -on the gas price savings.


chrissy said...

i adore restaurants that give you a little treat before you even order. i really feel like i'm getting my money's worth and a great experience!

momto8 said...

good for you!! a fun week in pictures!

Courtney said...

Gotta say, the blackberry sage tea sounds good. I'm not good at words with friends either. I almost always lose. :/ thanks for linking up this week!

Kimmie @ Sugar and Dots said...

LOVE this post! I'm new here... thought I would say hi rather than be a lurker. :) I adore your blog so much already- off to check out some more! Have a fantastic week, sugar! xo

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