Monday, September 6, 2010

Things Loved in August

So here goes for August...

1)Trader Joe's Almond Butter...what took me so long to try this, I'll never know. Ok, I do know the high price tag was defnitely scaring me off but the TJ's version was reasonably priced so I took the plunge.  Even my not-lovin'-peanut butter-veggie girl loves it!  Much healthier than peanut butter. 

2)Mad Men Season 1:
Yes, I'm tardy for the party again on this one too. Better late than never!  We recently joined Netflix and this has been what my hubby and I have been watching.  I'm one disc away from Season 2.

3.)Working on the house:
We got a sudden burst of home improvement fever and completed a few projects this month. Door handlesteen room, pantry, ceiling & attic fans, doorbell and deck cushions to name a few.....(more to come).

4.)Morning Glories:
They are at their peak right now.

5).Trader Joe's Mint Green Iced Tea
It's unsweetened and refreshing with just a hint of mint.  As you can see, it's time to get some more.

6.Our new grill: 
I'm learning to not fear the grill and how to use it. I can even turn it on and off now!

I'm sort of sad to say good bye to August because I know our lives are about to ramp up and get really busy.  What did you love in August?

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Linda said...

Thanks for the tip about the almond butter! I think that might be a good choice for me, too~ thanks for sharing!

Life in Rehab said...

Almond butter you say? With two vegetarians (Savannah is giving it a try) this might be a good idea. Thanks!

susan said...

I just stumbled across your blog...nice to "meet" you! August here was HOT and is never one of my favorite months. However, I am grateful for all of them :) I do love cooking on the grill and the slower pace of August.

Samantha said...

it looks like yall had a blast! i love NY and i'm so jealous yall are so close!

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