Friday, June 7, 2013


We've been home from Disney for over a week now but I'm still not 'back' to a normal routine.  I'm getting there, until I do... 
Just a few random things happening with me this week.
 Bought these huge strawberries and they were delicious!
 Filled up my thrifted jar with gum balls.
 Love how fun it looks up there in my kitchen.
 We have grass growing where the tree fell over during Hurricane Sandy (and lots of fire wood!).
As much of the root ball was removed as they could get out and the hole was filled in in with dirt, then it was all seeded.
( Close up of the grass coming in under the straw.)
It looked like this a few weeks ago.
Remember when it looked like this back there?
 I can smell honeysuckle in the air. It reminds me of my childhood when we used to pull the stamen through the flower to get to the honey.
They don't seem as juicy as my childhood honeysuckle, but this one actually looked pretty juicy.
The Knock Out Roses have really popped.  The rest of the garden needs some attention. Weeds are taking over!
It looks like these day lillies are about to pop.
I waiting impatiently for the hydrangeas to bloom.
 I'm not sure what these flowers are but the bees sure love them.
How's that for random. What's new with you?

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Sandra Tyler said...

Gosh looks like you have a lovely spot there! And I admire anyone who can make roses thrive. They don't like me much:(

Jules said...

What a fun random post....there is a lot going on in your yard... a lot of blooming and growing! Have a wonderful weekend!

Jules said...

Ooops, I forgot....I LOVE your new header. It is so fun!

Clairejustine oxox said...

Whoo lovely pictures, I can just imagaine how good that strawberry tastes *runs to fridge to see if we have any left :)*

Thanks for linking up to welcome to the weekend blog hop, have a lovely weeekend :)

Angela said...

Very hard to get back into a routine after Disney! But with flowers blooming you will be there in no time. :)

Karen said...

Your roses are beautiful! My first batch of lilies bloomed always makes me so happy :)

Tracy said...

Great photos.
I love to take a peek into other peoples day. Thanks for sharing :)

The Cottage Market {Andrea} ♥ said...

It's awesome taking a peek into someone's day!!! Thanks ever so much for sharing with us today at JJ! hugs...

Katie said...

The backyard is gorgeous! I love all of the flowers and everything blooming!

And the gumballs look so fun in the thrifted jar! Its so cheerful, I'd be stealing gumballs from it all day long! (But I have an issue with gum...I love it way too much!)

I miss strawberries. I haven't had any in over a week, guess that means I have to go grocery shopping! I hope I can find some really big ones :)

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