Monday, June 3, 2013

Photo-A-Day May 2013

Another Monthly Photo Challenge done!

1. I Bought this
Some of my Costco stash. Have you tried that Boom Chicka Pop Corn? So good!

2. Morning ritual
Coffee and blogging.
3. This is really good!
Hubs brought me home another Starbucks city mug for my collection.
4. In my cup
More coffee, Saturday morning on the deck.
5.  Paper
New summer magazines to read.
6. Broken
Crickety crack.
7. Something Beginning with F
Flowers in a hanging basket.
8. Shape
The auditorium.
9. A Snack
Vegetarian Frito Pie from Book Club.
10. Stars
I had a hard time finding stars, these are on a candle holder.
11. A Smile
Miss Middle School at her art show.
12. Mother
Had one child home form Mother's Day.
13. Sunrise/Sunset
This was sunset.
14. Need
 These three!
15. 7 o'clock
Trying on her Irish dance costume.
16. Mailbox
There it is.  I've posted about what it used to look like here.
17. Season
Oh these crab fries!!
18. Want
Delicious turkey chili that I had in the Hamptons.
19. My favorite view
These three again! 
20. Light
Light on the clemantis.
21. I care about this...
Preserving our memories.
22. Change
Getting a bit of a hair cut. She had to stand up because it was so long.
23. PJ's
Wine and pj's go together.
24. Go
Out to dinner. (Applebees)
25. Us
 This filter makes me look really tan!
26. Fave thing to do on a Sunday
Any ride I can handle in Disney(this one is the People Mover).
27.  Can't live without
Coffee, even Disney's Nescafe.
28. What you're doing now 
Waiting in line at the Re-imagined Test Track!
So awesome!
29. Kiss
Kissing our vacation good bye!
30. Tool
I bought this cute staple-less stapler in my favorite shop in Epcot's Japan Pavillion. It works!
31. Four Things
Four Disney things.

I'm not sure if I'll be participating in June's photo a day.
I might just take a pass this month.

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Katie said...

I cannot wait for summer when tea and blogging can be my morning routine!

Love your mailbox! It is definitely an upgrade from your old one. I agree that your mailbox should match or reflect your house!

All of your Disney pictures are great! That stapleless stapler is really awesome :)

Splendid Little Stars said...

very impressive!
I did notice a drinking theme!

Jules said...

As always....super impressive!!!!! You deserve a month off....i am not sure how you di it month after month!

Bliss said...

Oh no there are those tempting fires again. I have not even seen the boom chicka pop at Costco, but I will be looking for it.

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