Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Big Storm Knocked It Over

That was the title of a book I read a few years ago, it seemed fitting for this post as well.
Yep, that is a tree and its root ball that fell precariously close to our deck.  
We are so fortunate that it fell the way it did and not into the house.
We tried to be as prepared as possible for Hurricane Sandy.
{my husband's preparation=multiple trips out for batteries and duct tape}
{my preparation=carrot soup}
{both of us=stocking the wine rack}
We lost power on Monday morning for about an hour and then miraculously it came back on until it went out again and stayed out.  Monday night was probably the scariest night of my life.  The winds were howling like I'd never heard them before and with all of our trees on our property, it made for a very restless night in the basement.  We heard a horrible crash and realized it was our beloved oak tree because even in the dark, we could see it wasn't there anymore.

This hand crank/solar radio and flashlight was the only connection we had to the outside world on Tuesday.  No power, cable, land lines, internet or cell phones.  We used our generator for the first time since purchasing it last year. It was helpful for keeping the fridge turned on and a few lights around the house. 

We played some Monopoly by lantern light
and cards by the fire (in her winter jacket).
We even had some family members over for dinner cooked on the grill Tuesday night.  It was a nice distraction.

By Wednesday, I'd about had it.  I needed to get out of the house so we went out in search of an open restaurant a few towns over.  My husband had to jump in the tree hole when we got back.  You can really see the scale of it now. 
Also got some Starbucks and came back for more card games.
The power was out but we still got into the Halloween spirit last night.
We found out that school would be closed again today and that Halloween was being rescheduled for a safer day and time on Saturday.
Our power came back on last night! What a relief!
So many people in our area are still without power and my heart goes out to the many communities on the east coast who have suffered major losses.   
I've missed blogging and my bloggy friends and hope to get caught up and visiting everybody again shortly.
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Kimberly said...

Monday night was the scariest of my life also. Wow that was some tree that fell.

Cathy Kennedy said...

WOW, that's a huge tree! I've seen a lot big ones tumble this year. We lost a couple last winter and there's one fixing to go, which DH may try to get to this weekend. We'll just wait and see. Glad y'all are ok aside being without power for awhile. said...

Hey Heather! Sorry you've had a rough week. Hope the worst is over. That tree root is HUGE! Take care :)

Katie said...

I'm glad you got your power back!

I cannot believe how HUGE that tree is! I'm so glad that it fell the other way and didn't cause any damage to your house!

That's great that you had a generator to keep the fridge running. And that you were able to get out and get some Starbucks for a treat!

Making soup sounds like my kind of hurricane prep :)

Morgan said...

I'm so sorry that you guys have been affected by Sandy! I hope your power gets back on soon and I'm so glad you all are safe.

Bliss said...

Glad all is well and Sandy ended up doing nothing more than sending a tree on it's side.


Pam - @diy Design Fanatic said...

So sorry you lost your oak tree...but glad it fell without taking out your deck! Being without power can drive you happy you were able to go out for a little while.

Dawn said...

That tree is huge! So thankful for you that it didn't cause any damage!

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