Wednesday, June 19, 2013

{Travel}The Happiest Place on Earth-Part 4

I took a little break yesterday from my Disney posts to participate in Scavenger Hunt Sunday (on Tuesday, natch). When I left off, we were leaving Animal Kingdom and heading over to Magic Kingdom. The plan was to get on a few rides that we had missed on Day 1 and have lunch in the park.

We wanted to check out the Little Mermaid ride in the new Fantasyland.  First, I grabbed a few photos of Rapunzel's tower in the day light (it was dark when I first saw it).
The imagineers outdid themselves with the new Fantasyland.
It blends seamlessly with the 'original' Fantasyland.  We were able to get fast passes for Under the Sea-Voyage of the Little Mermaid so we checked out some other rides in the park while we were waiting.
One of my favorites (and Bliss' too) is the Buzz Lightyear ride. I get crazy hair in Disney as you can see in this photo.
After hitting all the rides we wanted to, we were more than ready for lunch. The plan was to go to the new Be Our Guest Restaurant which is a counter service restaurant for lunch.  
There was over an hour wait so we decided we'd try that place another time.
It was the perfect time to try out some of my finds from The Disney Food Blog. We cobbled together a 'snack lunch'.  We had a lot of snack credits left on our dining plan so this made it even better! The first thing we tried was this Tomato Basil Soup from the Pinocchio Village Haus. I had read that this was a great use of the snack credit (ie: getting the most for your money) and also delicious. It was!
We also got one of these massive baked potatoes from the Liberty Square Market.  This was a meal in itself and came with butter, sour cream and cheese on the side!  I have to admit I had never been in the Liberty Square Market, now it will be a regular stop for sure. They have baked sweet potatoes too (among other things). It's kind of tucked away and there was plenty of shaded seating right behind it.  We enjoyed our soup and baked potato and then walked over to this kiosk in Frontierland.
It's the Frontier Pretzel Wagon between the Diamond Horseshoe and Pecos Bill Cafe. I don't know if there's a sign on it or not (I had to look up the name).
This must be a favorite spot for all kinds of Disney fans.
Here it was! The elusive Mickey shaped soft pretzel!! 
It was warm and crispy on the outside,  soft and chewy on the inside. Perfect!
Here's a tip for staying hydrated in the parks.  Bottled water is pretty pricey and bringing it in from your room can get heavy.  You can ask for a cup of ice at any Disney counter service or kiosk (that serves fountain drinks).   I've done this quite a few times.  You can fill it with water at the many water fountains around the park and you've got an icy cold cup of water (with lid and straw!). The water in Disney has a distinctively 'different' taste and it's not exactly my favorite.  I used these little packets of True Lemon (no sweetener, just lemon) to flavor the water and they worked like a charm!  
Apparently we like mustard too.
When we were done with our delicious snack lunch we hopped on the monorail and rode over to the Contemporary Resort for some shopping.  I love the stores there.
 This was one of the Monster's University monorails. 
After this is it was a short ride on the monorail back to the Polynesian Resort and we were ready to hit the pool!
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Jules said...

Another fabulous day at Disney!!! Those pretzels are too cute. When we were on the cruise, there was Mickey weffles and crackers, and ice cream bars - pretty sure I have pics of those.

Dawn said...

Snack lunch looks pretty tasty! Especially the Mickey pretzel. You know how to do Disney!

Katie said...

This all looks awesome - but I think the Mickey pretzel is my favorite! I so want one of those right now!

I like the idea about the water. Bottled water is so so expensive everywhere! Its out of control - its just water! (Of course, I still prefer it to tap!)

Debbiedoo's said...

You are making me so jealous Heather. I miss going to Disney so much. We only lived 2 hours from there so we were there often with the boys. They were so little though, they hardly remember it.

Bliss said...

You know, thinking about it, Fantasyland was do for some imagineering. It needed to be more, well... Fantasy. And I could blast away on Buzz half the day, trying to outdo my score.

Jenny said...

Heather! What great travel tips!

Love the Mickey pretzel!

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