Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thrift Shopping {Remix}

While College Girl was home last week we both had the same idea of hitting up Goodwill.  I wasn't really looking for anything in particular so of course I found a lot!
Here are most of our spoils. The paperback books are some summer beach reading for her.
I found a couple of clear cylindrical vases that have already been great for bouquets of lilacs and azaleas.
I have a serious hate for Goodwill price tags..they are held on by some kind of supersonic glue!
:rant over:
I finally found a trophy cup that I like too! I have plans for this.
This old wide mouth jar caught my eye. I've also used it for flowers but I have the urge to fill it with gum balls for some reason.
Now, these were my exciting purchase! I found a great stash of Reader's Digest books with really pretty covers. I've seen other bloggers decorating with them but I had never seen them at a thrift shop. 
I had to restrain myself from getting too many but at just .97/each, it was hard.
I bought five and I've placed them around the house for some bright pops of color and pattern. 
My daughter also found a vintage-y leather jacket and a belt.
I found a shirt!  Woop Woop!
All in all, a fun forty five minutes at the thrift shop!
What have you been thrifting lately?

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Splendid Little Stars said...

big score in a short time!
I love finding goodies at the thrift store.
The jar, with its pattern, is very interesting.

Jules said...

I have NEVER set foot in a thrift store. I am have got to try one seems like you always get some great finds. Just hard for me to justify when I still have a garage full of "stuff" that I still need to go through...probably better to not bring any new things into the mix. But one day....

Kathy McB said...

Oh I am sooooo a scavenger too when it comes to this sort of thing. I might call "Impact" my second home :). Hey...question...I see an "Insanity" ad on your side bar. Do you do this?

Cheryl said...

You got some great finds!! I need to shop there more often. I usually go there looking for Halloween costumes but you inspired me to look all year long for other things!

Katie said...

You got so much!

Those books have really interesting colors. I'd have a hard time stopping myself too!

I can't wait to see what you do with that trophy cup...I can't imagine what you'd be doing with it, but grading has left my brain zapped!

You should so fill that jar with gumballs! They'd look so cool, and who wouldn't want a gumball?!

Bliss said...

Or marbles. Our old glass jar was filled with marbles. Now I've lost them.


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