Tuesday, November 20, 2012

{Tutorial} Make a Floppy Bow Tie Out of a Blouse

She needed a big floppy bow tie for her White Rabbit Costume.
We couldn't find one so we decided to make our own.
Out of a thrifted shirt of course--she wanted polka dots.
See everything we thrifted for this costume here.

{I did all this during the power outage and used my phone to take the photos.}
We had a generator running so I was able to plug in the iron.
First I cut a rectangle out of the back of the shirt and ironed it.


I used fusible interface to give the fabric a little stability.
I folded the rough edges of the rectangle and ironed them down with the fusible web.
I didn't measure, just eyeballed it.
Then I folded the rectangle into pleats (looks like one rough edge wasn't ironed down yet).


Once I had ironed all of the folds, I pinched it together to see how it would look and it passed inspection.
Onto the center of the tie.  I cut out another (smaller) rectangle
 and followed the same steps as I did with the larger one to finish it off.
I wrapped it around the center of the folded up tie to check it out. 
Looked ok to me.
I stitched the folds together.
Then I stitched the smaller rectangle around the bow tie.
A view from the back.
And the front...
I attached some elastic to the bow tie and voila
The White Rabbit had her tie!
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1 comment:

Katie said...

This is awesome! What a great thing to do during the power outage!!

The tie looks amazing, and it totally made the outfit!

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