Sunday, November 11, 2012

Photo-A-Day October

October got a little crazy near the end of the month but I was able to complete the Photo -A-Day Challenge --a little late, but I got it done!  Did you join in?

1)Where you stood
Supermarket shopping
One of my favorite lunchtime wraps
3)This happened today
Piano lesson
4)Something You Read
Chipotle cup
On the leafy deck
6)I'm Thankful For...
These peeps
Gorgeous morning light
At Menchies for birthday fro-yo
Water bottle
This was not my original photo for emotion but I can't find that one so these pumpkin luminaries will have to do.
11)Something Up Close
Candle in the bathroom from our trip to Ireland
Did I tell you I met Matt Lauer there? hehe
 12)On The Table
Party straws and cups from this party

Wow, it sure looks different now!
 14)Makes You Laugh
Funny card I got for my birthday
Crock pot baked potatoes-one of our faves!
16)Something You Wrote
Miss Middle School's Scrapbook...aww kindergarden!
18)Made You Smile Today
Love this show!
Have to include a second entry for this one..on our way to visit College Girl.
I totally forgot to take a picture for letters so this game of Storm Monopoly will have to do.
20) Four O'Clock
Visiting College Girl
Also on our visit to college girl, stopped at this lovely vineyard on the way home.
22)In Your Town
Umm's a problem..I'm working on it.
23)The View From Here
I was so surprised to see this Dutch Iris blooming again in the fall!
25) People
Another shot from our college visit
26)Listening to
Good stuff
Totally forgot that I had already taken one for "Morning" and
took another...Coffee and Blog Reading.
Check out Katie!
28)Looking Back
The tree that Sandy took down in our back yard.
This paper mache mask always reminds me of a moon face.
30) Clothes
What I wore out to lunch when we finally got out of the house after the storm.
31)Whatever You Please
Another shot of our downed tree and it's ginormous root ball.  You can really see the scale of it now.
Phew! That was a tough one but I'm back at it for November.
 On Instagram, I'm @heather_ourlife

If you want to get in on this, check it all out here.

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dee dee said...

We love Munford and Sons at our house too! I just love your fun photos, esp of your feet... feet photos are always my favorite!
dee dee

Jen said...

Wow! What a challenge. I do need ideas to get through this 365 project I started (what was I thinking???), so maybe I'll attempt it.

Once Upon a Time is a good show. I want Dorothy to show up and drop a house on that witch of a queen/mayor!

Dawn said...

Great pictures - it's always fun to see what everyone's take is for the pictures. I didn't do so great with October, but I'm keeping up with November. I post mine on Instagram (dmg314).

Bliss said...

Fav - the straws. I'm a closet straw stalker.


Katie said...

I always love your instagram picture a day posts!

Thank you so much for the shout out :)

Target is not a problem at all! I wish there was a Target closer to my work. That's the one thing I miss about my old job - the Target was so close I could go on my lunch hour!

Charla said...

Love the photos!!!!!

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