Monday, November 5, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 11.04.12

My daughter's shoes from her White Rabbit Costume. They're not actually that wild but with the striped socks, etc..they were.
It's been a welcome change to get to back into a normal routine and that means decorating for Thanksgiving around here.
Bunking in the basement with no power during the worst of Hurricane Sandy was certainly an adventure (and one I don't care to repeat!)
This was from our college visit a few weeks ago, everything was so vibrant and beautiful!
Old school roller skates on my niece. 
Aren't they the cutest?
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Katie said...

I love this set!

Your Thanksgiving decorations look great.

Those shoes are really cute! I like them a lot!

I'm glad you guys made it through your hurricane adventure safely.

The skates are adorable. I love the old school skates like that! Plus, they make it so much easier to not fall!

Morgan said...

I love roller skating! Especially with those classic skates. :) Your daughters shoes are really cute. I wouldn't have known they were for a costume.

Seizing My Day said...

Glad you escaped Sandy well enough to be blogging this week! ;) yikes! Love Classic... I had some of those..once upon a time! ;)

Nicki said...

I adore your daughter's White Rabbit costume - and yep, those are wildly busy shoes. Love your vibrant and classic shots - those roller skates bring back loads of fun memories.

Ida said...

Catching up on some of the previous weeks enteries.
I really liked your Vibrant shot and Wild (cool shoes).

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