Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday Phone Dump-Weeks 44-46

Some of my phone photos from the past three weeks.
Can you believe it's already Week 46? 
That means only 6 more weeks until 2013.
My niece and daughter at hubby's show.
He played a gig at a coffee house.
Finally(completely) stripping the curtains off of these windows!
My daughter texted me this one..we're getting a Mac store at our local mall. yay!
Red Starbucks cups make me so happy! 
{craft using them is coming up}

Checking myself out in the fitting room. Don't ask.
Anyway, I love my new Iphone case!
Election Day!
Exercising my civic right and duty.
Someone decorated this tree at the polling place.
It's an Obama-tree!
They were giving these out at Starbucks on Election Day.
First snow of the season.
Hubby in the hot tub during the icy cold snow!
I had to include this one again.
My daughter's self portrait.

Sneak peek of the dining room curtains.
Out for a late Mexican food dinner after seeing Skyfall=Awesome.
Again, with the butternut squash, this time from Trader Joe's.
Obsessed much?
Went for a mani/pedi with my friend yesterday.
I'm loving this metallic toe color.
{Nothing Else Metals by Essie}

What have you got going on this weekend?

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4 comments: said...

That was a fun visit into your past 3 weeks. I love your daughter's self portrait...any plans for it? Happy to see Sbux xmas cup too....can't wait to see the craft idea. Have a great weekend!

Katie said...

There is no way that 2013 is in 6 weeks! That is just crazy!!

I can't wait to see the craft you make with the red paper cups! And the curtains are looking awesome. I love the pattern!

The pizza looks absolutely amazing! I so miss east coast pizza. You can't get a slice like that out here! I'll have to go to Trader Joe's this weekend to look for the squash. Or maybe today after work, I heard a rumor that we get out at 2:15 - I really hope that it is true!

Is that the iphone case from Shutterfly? It looks really cool! Kind of makes me want to go out and get an iphone...

The fire in the first snow picture looks very cozy. That is funny that your husband went in the hot tub during the snow. Don't you get really cold going from the hot tub to the house?! I think I would, but I'm cold all the time anyway!

Bliss said...

I learned something new from this batch of photos. Can you guess what it was?


Anonymous said...

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