Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Table that Sold our House??..You be the Judge

We were getting desperate. The offer was made on the new house, the old house was not sold yet, settlement was rapidly approaching. Ulcers were forming.  Why wasn't anyone making an offer on our sweet house in a great neighborhood that had been painstakingly updated with our own blood, sweat and tears? Not to mention having this wonderfully awesome tree swing.

The only negative feedback we had gotten was that it didn't have an eat-in kitchen.  There was a breakfast bar in the kitchen and a formal dining room (where we always ate) and no room for a table in the kitchen.  Enter this Jokkmokk Table and Chairs from Ikea for $99. 
We put it in front of the bay window in our family room which was right off of the kitchen, as if it were meant to be.  We moved the bench and put the table and chairs in front of the window.  {Check out the reversible valances and matching cushion cover my MIL made for us!!}

I can't even find a photo of the actual table and chairs in the house.  Too busy keeping the house clean for potential buyers while packing and wringing our hands in worry, I guess.
*Except this partial one of my hubby's Cabo Wabo themed birthday party where it served as an excellent margarita bar.(ok so maybe we weren't *always* cleaning and wringing our hands in worry)

 We now had an eat-in-adjacent kitchen. And what do you know?  Right after we got the table in place we got a fair offer that we loved and settlement worked out perfectly.  All was right in our world!  So was it the table or just timing, we know what we think.

We still have the set and it's gotten a lot of use in the new place.  First it was the desk in our den
{note: we had just moved in here}

The bench got a new home too-but we left the valances :(
Currently the table is in the spare/craft/guest room being used as a sewing table with one of its chairs. 

 The other three chairs come in handy as extra seating in the basement.

The price is up to $129 but still a big bargain!
Sometimes the smallest things can make the biggest impact!
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Kate said...

It's great to know that table has so much power! We're hoping to sell our house in the next year or so and already own that table :)

Life in Rehab said...

Always give people what they want, whether it's a $99 table or a blender of tequila! said...

Kate're all's got mystical powers. are SO right, can I have a blender of tequila now?

Life in Rehab said...

Hi, since you're a blog I never miss, I wanted to stop by and tell you that I have a surprise for you tomorrow morning on my blog, so please do pop by!

Chelsea said...

The table totally did it. Nice thinking! :)

~Chelsea said...

Sunny...of course I will. I never miss your blog either.

Thanks Chelsea!

Ellie said...

I watch a lot of decorating TV and you rock at this. I looked through your blog and thoroughly enjoyed your kitchen makeover posts too. Fun!

Anonymous said...

I put a pie in our kitchen and I think that sealed the deal on our last home sale.

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