Thursday, May 2, 2013

Photo-A-Day April

It's been another month and another Photo-A-Day Challenge for me.

Somehow I was missing Days 1 & 3 but I used replacement photos that fit the prompts.
 I think Instagram is eating my photos?
Row 1-- Day 1)Play(ing) at Ikea 2)Blue(berries) in my oatmeal 3)Something beginning with A (A kiwi dilemma) 4)This happened today-scrapbook page 5)Something Good "What's So Funny 'Bout Peace, Love & Understanding" by Elvis Costello
Row 2-- Day6)Air (at the ice rink) 7) Dreamy (relaxing in the hot tub) 8)On your plate-fortune cookies 9)Tiny-Orzo pasta 10)A Place-outside
Row 3--Day 11)Detail-flag on my wreath 12)In the middle-at the crazy Boden Warehouse sale 13)View from your bed 14)Water 15)Alone-never with these two around
Row 1--Day 16)Favorite (color on my toes) 17)Busy (doing this) 18)Hello (3pm lunch) 19)Button (on the soda machine) 20) On my mind-these two
Row 2--Day 21)Fire (summery candle) 22)Blur-that hair 23) Time 24)Saw this person today 25)Life is...tea parties with 3 year olds
Row 3--Day 26)Childhood (doll quilt from my childhood) 27)Earth-soaking it in at the college campus 28)My Sunday (in the car and seeing this banana-mobile 29)I wore this today 30)Glasses-Loved the, lamp shade and glasses too

So did you participate?
Want to get in on the fun?
Here's next month's challenge.

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Jules said...

Way to rock another month of Photo A Day! I think that since I can't even get myself posting regularly I better sit out another month of the challenge. :(

criticalcrass said...

i like this idea, how you've collected it. nice work.

Debbiedoo's said...

That is pretty cool challenge Heather!

Bliss said...

I know there are a months worth of photos for me to see, but all I'm admiring is the new blog header.


Katie said...

Loving the header! And the water shot and the banana car! I definitely needed a laugh today and that banana car is just fabulous!

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