Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Signs of Spring

Happy May Day!
 It's been one of those weeks where I'm still recuperating from being out of town over the weekend.
We got a lot of rain on Monday and all of a sudden we are in full-on Spring mode. {yay!}
It's finally here as evidenced by these photos around the casa.
Lilacs all over the place!
I especially love them in the Blue Mason Jar.
 Their scent is all over the house right now.
 The deck is covered with these lovely (not) things and yellow pollen dust.
 Do you think it's time for a new broom?
 We have a huge planter on the deck and some of the plants are coming back--ivy, vinca vine and dianthus. It definitely needs a clean up and some new flowers too.

I did leave a few lilacs on the tree (just a few), but only the ones I couldn't reach.  
Our herb planter is showing signs of life - mint, of course (and some rosemary).

 This is the most buds I've ever had on the clematis!
 My favorite, hydrangeas.
 They are not budding yet but looking nice and green.
 The vinca ground cover has really exploded in two different shades of purple.
 Our Knock-Out Roses have grown and are looking good.
 I always forget what this is called but it's covered in little white flowers.
 One azalea bush has already bloomed and this one is just about to.
 The irises have shot up in the last week.  I love how the bush behind them is an electric green right now.
A few of the blooming spring bulbs are still looking good. The yellow daffodils and purple grape hyacinth really set each other off.  And.... I have lots of weeding to do.
How is your Spring going? 
Is it already over, not here yet??
What's your favorite part?

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Jules said...

Love all the color and life coming up in your yard! My new yard leaves a lot to be desired....I am still working on the inside, and can only handle one area at a time! lol

Cherished Handmade Treasures said...

Gorgeous! Beautiful color. Thanks for linking up to the Whatever Wednesday Linky Party.

Cherished Handmade Treasures

Katie said...

Your yard is beautiful! I love all of the flowers, spring has definitely arrived!

Jen said...

My favorite part of spring is that it means summer is coming.
The days are longer and that is wonderful too!

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