Wednesday, November 7, 2018

{Travel} Cherry Street Pier & Historical Philly

We had a beautiful Saturday on our hands with not much to do #emptynesters so we decided to check out the new Cherry Street Pier on the waterfront in Philly.
It had just opened the weekend before but it was pleasantly uncrowded.
The views are pretty spectacular on the way...
as you walk along the riverfront.
Inside is open and airy.

There were some fun installations like these interactive see saws that lit up and made music and you went up and down.
Had to get a selfie!
There were a couple of food offerings in the pier and we tried the Little Baby's ice cream. Mine was Coconut Milk Salted Chocolate with Biscoff cookie crumbles.
After spending some time at the pier, we crossed this bridge that connects the waterfront to Market Street.
We've never come into town this way and on foot.
We stopped at a few historical landmarks. This is Christ's Church, which was founded in 1695 as the first parish of the Church of England in Pennsylvania.  The tower and steeple made it the tallest building around until 1856.
Strolling down Market Street, we spotted this sign speaks my language.
We arrived at Carpenter's Hall, where the first Continental Congress was held.
It was even guarded by some British soldiers who said things like "death to Congress" and "Hail the King" as we walked in. 
It's free to get into the hall, no matter what era you're wearing.

Our next stop was the Portrait Gallery in the Second Bank, I didn't even know we had a portrait gallery!
Admission is free here as well.
We passed The Signer statue on our way out.
Of course we ended up around Independence Hall.  The line for the Liberty Bell was way too long for our liking so we caught glimpses through the windows from outside.
This guy is just posing perfectly for us with the Liberty Bell.
We finished up the day/night at Tattooed Mom on South Street where we had some really good food and got to play with hoppy bunnies on the table!

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Andrea Nine said...

Philly looks like a fun place with a lot of good stuff to see! You're so good with these travel posts!

Creations By Cindy said...

Love all the pictures. You are having so much fun and oh that ice cream sounds good. Love your selfie! I take horrible selfies. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Tamar SB said...

Some of my favorite parts of Philly!

krishna said...

Wow! you had a great time. I found your blog today. It is lovely..

Please visit:

Carla from The River said...

I visited Independence Hall way back in 2006, it was a great tour. National Treasure (the movie)was/is a favorite of ours. ;-)

Ida said...

Looks like a fun trip. I want to ride that SeeSaw. - I had a chance to see the Liberty Bell once but decided not to go as I had just learned that my Grandma had passed away and I wasn't quite in the mood to sight see.

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