Monday, November 12, 2018

{Random Lately} October-November

Just like that we're back from an incredible trip to Scotland and Ireland  (we got to see our baby!) and while I'm still processing it all, I'll share a few random things from the past month or so.

We didn't expect the mall to be all decorated for Christmas before Halloween but it was.
This mall (King of Prussia) always pulls out all of the stops in their decor.
 I found a few new (to me) things at Dollar Tree. One was this screen guard for a few different Iphone models.  For a buck, it's worth a try? I didn't love it but I also got one for my daughter and she's used to using a screen guard so I'm waiting to hear her review.
 I also found some Yes to brand facial masks. I picked up this ultra hydrating one and it did leave my face super soft plus I loved the smell of the coconut oil in it.
 I've been working part time at the front desk of my yoga studio and getting to take a lot more classes there as a result.  Love it! What I didn't love was this pose of the month but I took a pic of it for my friend.  I'm glad it's November with a new pose..wonder what it will be?
This TJ's frozen meal was in my last haul and I had it for dinner one night. 
 It was a really generous serving and soooo good! Very creamy and not overly spicy.  I also tried the Vegan Tiki Masala which was also very good (just didn't take a photo of it).
 We ordered a "few" bottles of wine from Cameron Hughes. Have you ever heard of that company?
 Got my toes (and fingers) done for our trip. It was a nice treat before we left!
What have you been up to?

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Laura Everyday Edits said...

parallel lives we are living. we just got back from Italy. The exhaustion comes in waves. My baby is wrapping up college apps and I'm a little freaked out.

Where did you find that mask? I recognize the brand? I just bought a few from Nordstrom Rack! xo laura

Creations By Cindy said...

Looking forward to hearing more about your trip and pictures. I know you had a wonderful time. It just stinks at how fast the time flies when you are having so much fun! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Anna of Mutton Style and Years said...

Christmas tree already! For me it's birthday season so we're having a few outings. I 've got work dinners going on too which is an excuse for bling.

Mother of 3 said...

Wow those are some knockout Christmas decorations! Hope you had an amazing trip.

Tamar SB said...

I need to check out that wine!
Crazy how decorated the mall was!!

Andrea Nine said...

I am so pumped to see Trip recaps, your stories looked like it was incredible and enchanting. I was so excited to see the Yes To masks at DT! Those mall decorations are gorgeous! The inside of our house is decorated, just waiting for college boys to help me with the outside. Hope you’re getting all settled back home. xo

Julie's Creative Lifestyle said...

It sounds like you had an awesome trip from your IG photos. I can’t wait to see and hear about your trip.The mall decorations are really pretty. It seems everyone is decorating earlier and earlier for Christmas.
Thanks for sharing this at Cooking and Crafting with J&J.

Jessica @ Barefoot by the Sea said...

I love playing catch up! Your toes look fantastic! I haven’t heard of that wine - looks like you’ll be an expert and stocked through the holidays!!!!

Claire Justine said...

I bet you had a great trip, Heather. Next time stop by Nottingham so we can meet up!! Lovely photos, I love that Christmas tree.

Thanks for sharing at Creative Mondays :) Hope you can join us today.

Carla from The River said...

I always enjoy these.. I love your toes. :-)

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