Wednesday, March 27, 2013

{Travel} Washington, DC Spring Break

College Girl's spring break was last week and we took advantage of it to get away for a few days as a family.
We stayed in Georgetown at the Avenue Suites which was a great location.   We could easily walk into the heart of Georgetown for dining and shopping, or walk a few blocks the other way to the metro station to get anywhere else we wanted to go.
It was nice to park the car and leave it.
After a quick lunch in Georgetown we headed to the Foggy Bottom Metro Station and bought metro passes.  Washington is really easy to navigate on the metro system.  We were impressed with it!
A few stops away and we were getting off at the Smithsonian Station.

We got our bearings and took it all in.

I was happy to see a few cherry blossoms blooming.

Our first stop was the Air & Space Museum.

It was later in the afternoon by then and we stayed until almost closing.
We had dinner in Georgetown at Pizzeria Paradiso (they had vegan pizza!).  It was worth the wait. We were right across the street from Georgetown Cupcakes but as we got closer you could see the extremely long line along the side of the off to Sprinkles we went.
No line and a great assortment of cupcakes to choose from.
The next day we grabbed breakfast at our old friend Starbucks and went back to the Smithsonian.  Our first stop was the Natural History Museum.
I tried not to take too many pictures....
like that would ever happen...
It was St. Patrick's Day and a lot of the city was lining up to see the parade (on the other side of the museums).
We caught the police on horseback procession as we set off for our next museum.
The next museum we visited was the American History Museum.
On the left is the Natural History and on the right in the American History.  
Did you know that all of the Smithsonian Museums have free admission?  

When we'd seen enough we decided to walk down to the Lincoln Memorial which was about 1.4 miles away. It looks so close but you just keep walking and walking..
We stopped at the Washington Monument which is still being repaired.
We eventually made it to Lincoln and it is really awe inspiring, as is the view from the Lincoln Memorial, looking at the Washington Monument.  By this point, our feet hurt(mine were screaming)!  We luckily found a cab and were whisked back to our hotel in no time.
We had lunch at Le Pain Quotidien. I loved the communal tables and French atmosphere.
They served coffee in these cute bowls.  
The hot chocolate looked amazing, I should have tried that.
So nice to have both girls together!
That night we went to the movies (saw The Amazing Burt Wonderstone) and had dinner back in our room.  We decided to leave the next morning after a lovely breakfast at Founding Farmers
The food did not disappoint in DC!
As we left the city, I got a quick glimpse of the White House (I promise, it's back there). 
 It's on our to do list for next time!!

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Jules said...

It looks like you guys had a great trip and so nice that the whole family was together.....I have got to get my son to the Smithsonian - he would love it! And I love seeing all of your pictures!

Katie said...

This trip looks so amazing! I'm glad you were able to get away as a family while College Girl was home!

Your pictures are awesome, of course. I felt like I went on a mini trip to DC :)

And I didn't know the Smithsonian had free admission! So cool!

EG CameraGirl said...

Great tour of the city! It was fun to see what caught your eye through your lens.

Dawn Gross said...

Such a fun trip! A couple days away is always a treat!


Bliss said...

We tried to go to the Smithsonian many years ago with too many little kids in tow. Now we have been talking about DC again since there are no little kids to hold their hands.


mail4rosey said...

My oldest and his wife live in DC and I love to go visit just because the area has so many things to do!

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Morgan said...

What a fun trip! I went to DC in high school and really enjoyed it. :) Your girls are so beautiful! Glad you had the whole family together again.

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