Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Little Girls Bathroom Grows Up

There's nothing like having overnight guests coming to stay to kick you into home into re-do mode!
(Or at least to kick Mr Click into re-paint mode!)
College Girl was bringing a friend home over Thanksgiving so we decided it was time to update the girls' hall bathroom. Like Yesterday!
 I had originally been pinning ideas to go with a red and white shower curtain that I had used as a photo backdrop here but decided to go in another direction when I found this one.
It's from Target and it's called Threshold Fern in Teal.
I had to pick out a paint color in about 15 minutes, which is sometimes the best way to do it.
We picked Benjamin Moore Province Blue. 

Here's how the bathroom has evolved over the years.  I can't find a photo of how it originally looked (I will add it if I do) but it was pale pink sponged on paint over white-ish paint with a Greek key stencil running around  the room.  Not very kid friendly for a 5 and 11 year old, to say the least.
So we gave it a pop of apple green paint, some new light fixtures and Ikea art and a fun floral shower curtain.
Later, we changed out the shower curtain and towels in this Bathroom Tweaks post.


And I recently Mod Podged the switch plates here.


But now it was time for the room to grow up, just like my girls have. 
Onto the paint job... it happened so quickly, I barely had time to snap a few "before" shots as Mr Click was prepping the room.

A few hours later and the room was painted!
He also painted the vanity and mirror surround a fresh white. 
Love it!
The new curtain really works well with the existing fixtures and tiles.
Even this rug is working out ok. I just bought it at Ikea so I'm glad I didn't have to buy a new one.
It's not perfect but it's fine for now.
Looky, looky...I even changed out the switch plates again!
Easy peasy!
 I color copied the shower curtain onto white card stock.
Then I just followed the same method that I had used before to cover them using Mod Podge and an exacto knife.
It was easy to remove the old paper with a little soaking in warm water.
Now they have custom covers that match the shower curtain.
Target, call me..cay?
The girls also got a much needed new shower head and vent cover{not pictured}from Lowe's.
A little editing of accessories, adding some dried hydrangeas plus towels I already had and this party is over!  Done-zo and on the cheap!
The best part, is that they really love the new space!

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Jules said...

Beautiful redo on the girls' bathroom!

Katie said...

This looks awesome! I love it all. Blue is one of my favorite colors for a bathroom!

But my favorite part is the switch plates. That is so cool that you matched them to the shower curtain! It looks fabulous!

Pam Jackson said...

Great job...I love the blue and brown.

Pam Jackson said...

Great job...I love the blue and brown.

Karen said...

Looks great! I agree...being forced into quick action is one sure way to get anything done.

Splendid Little Stars said...

new and sophisticated! great job including the very clever switch plate covers!

Mel said...

It's always bitter-sweet when our decor changes as our kids grow up, but you nailed it!

Bliss said...

It's bittersweet when little girls grow up, but not so for bathrooms. I like the grown up version.


Katherines Corner said...

lovely makeover. thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop.xo

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