Friday, February 8, 2013

Photo-A-Day January

I made it through another Photo-A-Day Challenge last month.
Here we go...
1) Today
My new lifeplanner for 2013.
2)Something New
 I got this necklace for Christmas(I haven't taken it off).
Magnet on the fridge
4)View From Here
Popcorn, fire and a movie with the family
Grabbing this shot on a night out
Clementine addiction
My favorite one!
8)Something Beginning with "T"
Writing my thank you notes.
Yogi tea.
10)One o'Clock
Timer shopping at Home Depot.
Ice counts, right?
Something is still free?

14)Something Yellow
Funny sticker on my banana

15)An Ordinary Moment
Making dinner
 16) Two Things
Working out
To go home from dinner

Salmon at dinner
20)Something You Saw
Les Mis (again).
21)What You Do
Take pics!
22) Corner

23) Electric
Heat dish in my daughter's room
24 )Stripes
Mickey gloves from Disney
25) Landscape

26) Together
 27) Sun
Shining through the garage window
28) Through
Seeing lights 'through' my Valentine Gemini Specs
 29) Grow
Bulbs are popping up!
30) Down
Looking down at our tree getting cut up
31) Yourself
Why so serious?

You can join in here!
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Karen said...

I wish I had the perseverance to do a photo a day! It's been a week since I took a photo. I laughed at that Chiquita sticker. I've never seen that before. So nice that you found something for free....even if it is AIR! Have a great weekend!

Jules said...

You totally rocked January! I so wish I could get through a month with this....I got close once and actually posted it, but since then....not so much. What do you do with them at the end of the month? Do you document somewhere other than your blog? Have a great weekend!

Claire Justine said...

Great pictures, love the street one :)

Katie said...

I love the street picture! That is fabulous! And I think ice as water counts, especially if it is accompanied by wine!

Bliss said...

It is clear to me I could never accomplish the photo challenge. It took me all month to take one, well that wasn't of a project.


Lisa said...

These are just great! I loved Les Mis too! I saw it twice :) what a great movie. Good for you for doing a photo a day and getting them on your blog. I have tried this before but always fall short. Maybe I'll try it again soon. I see it can be done!!!

Morgan said...

I love your Christmas necklace - the design is pretty and it will go with anything. Your movie night looks so cozy!

That tea cup design is awesome! I think it would fit right into my blue and green house. :)

I always enjoy seeing your pics.

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