Sunday, February 3, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 02.03.13

What what?
I'm actually getting my SHS post up on Sunday?

We got a little snow last night and the windshield is hidden.
My favorite yogurt.
Walking out in the snow to get our paper.
I don't love January, but it did go by pretty fast.
From my Iphone, I posted this on Instagram today--my peaceful morning.
Snowy, still in my jammies, Pottery Barn, looking up recipes and coffee!

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Karen said...

Oh I love mornings like you documented in your Peace photo! What a rare treat. That snow is my favorite kind....pretty, not too much, and easy to brush away :)

Jules said...

So jealous of your snow....that is how the winter should be...not 70 degrees like we had today....boooo! Thank you again for letting me know about my I/G troubles....nice to know that someone is looking out for you! Have a great Monday!

Bliss said...

Good choices. The "left" was particularly clever.


Ida said...

Nice set. I liked the Left shot with the footprints in the snow.
Your Peaceful morning sounds nice.

Sona Zemkova said...

Lovely set of photos :-)

If you ever feel like joining a photo challenge, im doing a Golden Hour one.

Thanks, Sonishka

chrissy said...

the mug in your last shot is gorgeous!

Claire Justine said...

Great shots :) the snow has just returned here today...

Katie said...

I love love love your peaceful shot! What a perfect morning :)

The snow shots are gorgeous. We are finally getting snow here...fingers crossed for a snow day (but we so are not getting one!)

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