Thursday, October 18, 2012


The program I used to make this collage is called Printsgram (not to be confused with PrintsTAgram).
I've been using it for my Photo-A-Day composites. Check them out herehere and here.  
All you have to do is log on to your Instagram account from the Printsgram site and you have access to all of your Instagram photos.  You pick a product(basically different sized posters or photo cubes) and create your masterpiece.  You can order a copy or print one out yourself from a pdf file they generate for you.
I did this one for Teen 2's birthday board.  I decorate the board seasonally and for the holidays or in this case, for the birthday person's birthday month. 
Since we are both born in October, she usually shares  it with me so I decided to make it all about her for her big one three.
She loves it and so do I! It made decorating the board so easy.
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P.S. I'm not being compensated for this post, I just really like the product!

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Katie said...

This is so fun! I don't have instagram, because I still have a blackberry. But I love how the poster looks!

The board is such a fun idea too! How cool is it to decorate for the holidays and the person's birthday month! I'd love something like that. Only poor AJ would have to share with Christmas...

Pam - @diy Design Fanatic said...

That's cool Heather! What a great idea. Would be fun for a party too.

Riet said...

My Granddaughter tells me to use instagram but I am not sure about it yet. When I see this I think I might...

Love Of Quilts said...

I don't use Instagram, don't really know what it is, so I'll have to go and see.

scrappymo! said...

Wow...this looks so great...I will send your blog link to my daughter as she does instagram photos!
I love the look of this!

Bliss said...

I do not instagram. The only instagram I know are your photos you post. I am an instagram failure.


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