Monday, July 2, 2012

Friday Phone Dump Week 26 & Photo A Day - June

I completed the whole month of June!  

Here's a look back.

Also my Friday Phone Dump for ya..
row 1*playing cards on the deck*out for a friend's birthday dinner*dinner on the deck*a good morning*
row 2*new shoes*flowers still holding up*testing out tilt shift*
row 3*birthday dinner amazing food*summer library reward*
row 4*birthday dessert*looking out the window*getting ready*

If you'd like to join in on the Photo a Day Challenge for July here are the prompts.

Click here for all of the details.  I better get busy!

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dee dee said...

You are always such a busy, busy girl!
dee dee

Katie said...

I love your new header! (Please tell me its new and I'm not that un-observant!)

The monthly photo challenge sounds like so much fun! Your pictures are great :)

Your red lantern in your center phone dump picture is very cool! I have the same lanters but in silver

Bliss said...

I'd have to learn how to take a picture with my phone.


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