Tuesday, October 16, 2012

{Entertaining} Avengers Party

An Avengers theme isn't the first thing that came to mind while planning my daughter's 13th birthday family party but that's what she wanted.
She  cooked up the idea worked it out with a few of her cousins at an earlier party. 
They all  had become superfans over the summer after Grandma took a bunch of them to see it.
I used red, white and two blues as our super hero color scheme. I wanted to try this idea that I had seen on Pinterest (where else?) to combine balloons and streamers.  It made a nice photo back drop and was very easy to do.
You sew the balloons together by their tales.  I used wax twine and a big embroidery needle.
The streamers went up with masking tape and the balloon swag with Command hooks.
It was pretty easy to find Avengers party goods which was nice.
The overflow of party preparations.
I got a nice bouquet of white flowers at Costco for the dining room.

The menus for dinner and dessert.  
The mashed potato bar was a big hit and my eggplant rollatini was also very popular.
(vegan version)

Some party photos...of course I didn't get as many as I'd like. It's always hard to be the host, photographer and guest at the party.
Avengers candy
My mom and the birthday girl

Party guests who got into the theme.
Before we knew it, it was time for her to blow out her "13" candles.
I found these Avengers cupcake picks and liners at William Sonoma.

She made her now-famous Coconut Cupcakes.
More dessert treats....
Vegan Pumpkin Cupcakes with Better Than Cream Cheese Icing
This was another Pinterest find-Mini "Caramel" Apples.
It was great to have my eldest home for the weekend!
Another fun family party for the books. I can't believe she's 13!
Do you remember your 13th birthday?
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~✽Mumsy✽~ said...

Beautiful post, fun Halloween photos, and yummy dishes!

Katie said...

This is AWESOME! I am in love with the streamers/balloon swag photo booth! If we do the super bowl party this year, I'm so making one in the apartment!

It looks like the party went very well! The food and decorations look great, as always, and everyone seems to be having a great time! I love how everyone really got into the theme!

You know, I don't really remember my 13th birthday...I remember my 10th (a sock hop) and my 6th (we all made planters and planted flowers), and a make up party, and my 18th, where my name got put on the Happy Birthday board at Shea Stadium. Of course, my 16th too :) But I can't remember my 13th! I have to call my mom and ask what I did!!

Morgan said...

So cool! I love the photo backdrop you created - it looks awesome. They food sounds delicious! I love mashed potatoes and the eggplant rollatini sounds right up my alley. It's a vegetarian paradise. :)

Love Of Quilts said...

I was getting hungry seeing all that good looking food, you out did your self. Hope she knows how great a mom you are.

Bliss said...

You got that right... another fun family party. You know just the right stuff to add to make each one fun.


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