Tuesday, June 1, 2010

{Remembering} The "Other" Disney-Part 2

I've been stepping back in time to last summer when we took our first trip to Disneyland. Here's where we started out if you want to catch up.

We started our next day in Disneyland bright and early (we were still on East coast time) and went right to the Matterhorn--they don't have one
in WDW.  That was one thing we didn't want to miss. They liked it!
The whale (Monstro)from Pinocchio by the Storybook Land canal boats(all new to us!).
A tea cup you could pose in. The only kind I'll get in these days.
Doesn't it look empty? That's another thing about DL, it's MUCH more laid back than WDW. No mad rush to get on Space Mountain, no running to get a Toy Story Mania fastpass, no running PERIOD. I think because it's mostly locals in DL and they can go whenever they want so it's not so rushed to get on every ride and see every attraction. (Unless you're us!)
Mr Toad's Wild Ride used to be in WDW but has been replaced with the Pooh ride. Had to give it a spin.
Now we're back on familiar territory!
I could go for a Dole Whip!
Oh we're back at the castle!  Disneyland is like WDW's Magic Kingdom in its design.  Mickey's House in Toontown looks the same.
That evening we did the Fantasmic Dessert Show. You pay a premium for a great seat for the show and it includes a dessert box stuffed with sweets, grapes, cheese and crackers as well as all of the beverages you care to drink. They have waiters that come over and take your drink order (water bottles, hot chocolate, coffee,tea and soft drinks)I would say don't eat dinner because the box was more than we could eat.
They do Fantasmic right in the middle of the park (unlike Hollywood Studios where it's in it's own ampitheater) so you pretty much have to stake your claim of a viewing spot early and stand the entire time to see the show unless you do the dessert package. That alone made it worth it for us.  The show is about the same as the one in WDW, but again had a smaller 'feel' to it because of its location.

to be continued....

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Life in Rehab said...

I'm really starting to need a Disney fix!

Sheri said...

Fun trip! I grew up going to DL and miss it! Never been to WDW.

Bliss said...

Do you have any idea how many years I waited for that dam matterhorn to finally get finished?????


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