Monday, June 14, 2010

What a long strange trip it was

I recently chaperoned a class trip to see some caves with my younger daughter's 4th grade class.  The day didn't start out too well. The buses were two hours late picking us up and once they got to school, they were overcrowded.  I was stuck in front of my daughter and we were both three to a seat. I had two boisterous boys next to me who played their DS games as they fidgeted, leaned over me to talk to the boys across the aisle and hurl insults at each other. I heard more 'yo mama' burns in that hour plus bus ride than I have in a long time.

When we finally arrived, the skies opened up and poured on us as we got organized into groups and ran inside to begin our tour.  We were lucky and got to tour the caves first. They were COLD (50ish degrees), especially after being soaked in the rain just moments before.  Other than that, the tour was quite interesting. Here's our tour guide who was a no-nonsense kind of guy and had to rush us through an hour tour in less than half an hour. We still learned a lot and saw a lot.
My camera decided not to work when we were 100 feet underground(yikes, I really didn't need to know that) but luckily my daughter's camera had no issues and she snapped a few shots of the caves.

The gift shop visit is always a highlight of every trip for her and this one didn't disappoint.
We had to cut out a few of the planned activities due to the lateness of the buses so it was now time for lunch. The lunch pavillion was down a hill and across a road and all the lunches were down in the buses by the pavillion so it was a mad dash in the pouring rain to get to them.  We all got soaked and everyone was freezing as they scarfed down their lunches. I was so happy to get back on that bus and head for home.  Yep, the bus driver only has one hand on the wheel in this picture! {Scary!}

Have you ever been on an eventful class trip like this one?

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Life in Rehab said...

The hubs does all the chaperoning (Who doesn't want a 6'3" cue ball bald 230 pound man keeping the kids in line?), but none of ours have been NEARLY as much fun as yours sounded!

The Paper Mama said...

We never did anything like this. We were always going to the zoo. said...

Sunny: Hubs was supposed to go on this one but had a conflict. It was pretty cool and lots of dads were there.

Chelsey: zoos are fun too!

Eve said...

I've never gone on an eventful class trip like this one, and from reading your account, I hope I NEVER DO! :D

Yellow House said...

I am so jealous! Not only am I a field trip fanatic, teaching about erosion and caving is one of my yearly highlights! Of course, there are no caves here to explore, so my kids just get books and pictures to look at. Sigh. I guess they are lucky to have Mt. St. Helens nearby... not many schoolkids can see a volcano out the window when they're studying it.

Petie said...

Wow! Tough day, but sounds like a cool tour of the caves, and the gift shop always makes them happy.

We had 5th grade fun day today and field day tomorrow. Bring on summer!

Sarah @ The Pumpkin Patch said...

Oh I love caves! I think they are so fascinating. Sorry your trip didn't turn out how it was supposed to. It already makes a great story though! You're lucky you were able to spend part of the day with your daughter.

Thanks for linking to Messy Monday. I really enjoy your posts ad look forward to them each week.


Hello I'm Lisa, Our kids are way to small, but grandma is always up for a tour to the our wildlife preserve.

Looking forward to more lovely postings. said...

@Sarah..I kept thinking I was so glad to be with her on the bus (as awful as it was) because some parents drove themselves and w/ all the mishaps, I would have been a worried mess! Thank you for the kind words!

@Lisa Thanks for stopping over and commenting! I really appreciate it!

Danelle said...

Ah, the good old class field trip. There is always some kind of drama!

Bonnie @ House of Grace said...

What a neat experience!!!

Heather said...

My mom wouldn't even let me go on the field trip to caverns...she was afraid of caves, enclosed spaces etc and thought I should be too I guess...ha!
Heather @

The Mommy said...

Hmm, we have never done anything more adventurous than parks and museums!!
Btw I'm you newest follower! Love your blog:) keep up the great job!

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