Saturday, May 22, 2010

{Remembering} The "Other" Disney - Part 1

We'd been to Walt Disney World in Florida quite a few times (click here to see the start of my posts about our last trip) but while planning last summer's vacation to Southern California we thought we'd try out the other Disney-Disneyland!  I mean, you can't call yourself a  Disney freak until you hit all of the parks (Tokyo and Paris are next?). 

I had been there as a kid but didn't remember much, if anything about the park.  Of course I consulted my favorite Disney site, for tips and suggestions as well as my sister who had been there recently.  We were curious to see what the Disneyland had to offer.  
First difference:
There's no Magical Express to whisk you to your hotel but they do have a bus service that you can pay for. We didn't need a car right away so we took the bus and it was an easy trip to Anaheim.  The Disney property is right in the middle of downtown Anaheim so you don't get the same 'swept into the magic' feel you get in Florida.  We were still very excited to see it all though!!
Our room wasn't ready when we arrived so we headed straight to California Adventure. It was a miniscule walk out of the hotel into the park. Amazing!!  The turnstiles are literally right outside of the hotel.   Another difference we noticed  was "a bugs land" area/attraction.  Forgive my "been flying across the country all day hair".   Yikes!

Tuck and Roll's Drive-Em Buggies...they are cute but the slowest bumper cars you'll ever ride. Most of the attractions are for the little ones in this park but it was fun to explore.
                                         Check out Slim from A Bug's Life.

We also walked around Downtown Disney which is tiny compared to the one in WDW but has a similar happy, entertainment, food and pretty landscaping.
                                              She cooled off here for a minute.

Our room was finally ready at The Grand Californian (yay!). Their front doors are beautiful stained glass. The hotel has the feel of Wilderness Lodge mixed with the luxury of the Grand Floridian.
After freshening up and relaxing a bit we headed out to dinner at Goofy's Kitchen which was in the Disneyland Hotel (a short walk through Downtown Disney--everything is SO close on the Disneyland property!)
Goofy's Kitchen is a lot like Chef Mickey's at WDW: buffet style food and characters coming around to every table for photos and autographs.  Minnie is one of our favorites!

Mischievous Chip stole my daughter's backpack and posed with the girls.

We celebrated hubby's birthday and he got a lot of well wishes throughout the park that night(he had been given a birthday button to wear).When we were leaving the restaurant we found this beautiful mosaic mural on the wall.

We were ready to explore Disneyland!  I had to get a picture of this.  We were standing at the entrance to DL and you could walk to the entrance of California Adventure!!  That's not something you can do in WDW.

Enter Main Street USA..this looks familiar!

So does this.

And here's Snow White's castle. It looks big here but it so small compared to the MK castle!

Jet lag finally won out over excitement and we headed back to the hotel for some much needed rest.
To be continued....
Part 2

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D. Jean Quarles said...

Looks like you had a great time. Love Disneyland.

Mel said...

I've never been to Disneyland. I didn't realize that it's smaller than Disney World. huh. My last visit to Disney World was last April (2009) for my daughters 11th birthday. It was my fourth visit, and probably my last visit. I guess the gloss has worn out for me.

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

Awww!! The gloss will never wear off for me ( I hope!). I just went over Easter break and blogged about it.

Unknown said...

Growing up in Orlando, the "gloss wore off" for me when I was around 12 or so. Although I'd still go if I scored free tickets (which happenned a lot during the off-season).

Looks like you guys had fun!


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