Friday, June 11, 2010

{Remembering} The "Other" Disney - Part 3

So here's my third installment from our Disneyland Trip last summer.  If you want to catch up, you can see my other installments here and here

Here we are outside of Big Thunder Mountain. Digging my animal print Mickey ears, are ya?
Do you see that sign for Big Thunder Ranch (Home of the Happiest Horses on Earth)? That was new to us too.  I don't know what the horses do in DL but the sign was pretty cool.
Yay for Dole Whips!
Eating lunch in the Blue Bayou (inside the Pirates of the Carribean ride!) was more about the experience than the food.  The ride is SO much better than the WDW one. Upgrade!
Quite a few people told us not to miss the live Aladdin show so we headed over to Hollywood Pictures Backlot(kind of like Hollywood Studios in WDW). We had special seating with our Disney Visa package (yay!). The theater fills up and the show is always popular.  We had something like a fast pass but for a show.
 We ALL loved it (and the rest of my family doesn't really enjoy all the WDW shows like I do).  It's on par with a Broadway show and hysterical (especially Genie!), there's even a flying carpet!

The kids had been eyeing up this crazy ride called Sun Wheel and after some closings, it was re-opened and they were ready to go! 
Daddy went on the ride too...the gondolas swing and slide all over the place as the ferris wheel goes around. (Hurl city for me!)
Back to the lovely Grand Californian Hotel.  Here's the entrance from the park to the hotel. Those green umbrellas in the background are the security area and when you pass through that area, you are at the pool!  One of the things we really liked about the hotel was that you got a fresh basket of towels every morning outside of your door. That also made a perfect hamper for used towels.  Dog The Bounty Hunter and his wife were staying there and we saw them going into Disneyland with a Disney escort. My kids didn't know who he was (that's a good thing!).
Spent some time at the gorgeous pool.

 I also saw "Mr Moseby"(Phill Lewis) from the Disney channel show Suite Life of Zack and Cody. He was leaving the Story Teller's Cafe when I was coming in.  Two celebrity sightings at the same hotel!
Enjoying some fruity tropical drinks, poolside!
We had a wonderful meal at the swanky Napa Rose Restaurant (in the Grand Californian).
Check out this "kids" creme brulee with blue caramelized sugar, graham cracker sand and gummy fish. I had deep fried zucchini blossoms stuffed with goat cheese - not for dessert though.
Then to Downtown Disney for some nighttime shopping.  There's a two story Build a Bear store that carries exclusive Disney items for your stuffed friends. We also
liked Little Miss Matched and Disney 365 which was just opening. It was like a Bibbidy Bobbidy Bootique for tweens where you could get a makeover, record a video or do a photo shoot. They also had really cute clothes and accessories (and lots of props from popular Disney Channel shows).
Next on our agenda..a day in LA...stay tuned!
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Michelle said...

Looks like so much fun! Thanks for visiting my blog today-

Eve said...

This is my dream vacation, and I don't even have children yet! You all looked so beautiful, and really enjoying yourselves. I love the food you had, I have to go back and read your other Disney posts! Cool!

Victoria said...

What a fun trip that looks like! My oldest son works at California Adventure so we'll be going to Disneyland sometime this summer for freeeeee!!! They have the new water show that I'm dying to see:) said... children required to enjoy yourself at Disney. :)'re so lucky to get into CA for free!!

Michelle...thanks for stopping by too.

Jingle said...

thank you for the exciting tour!
lovely smiles!

Sheila said...

Heather, what BEAUTIFUL pics!!! I felt like I was right there with you all. The pic of your daughter on the beach is my absolute fav! You are really a great photographer. Keep up the great work!!! I'm going to need you someday ;)

Anonymous said...

I can not wait for our kids to be older!!! I can't wait for all this stuff!!!

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