Friday, July 6, 2012

Summer Lovin'

Things I'm loving about summer right now...
Going to a major league baseball game.
Having a big fruit salad like this in the fridge.
Iced coffee-Dunkin, Starbucks or this one...any will do.
Entertaining on our deck.
Computing with coffee on the deck.
Week night card games on the deck.
Celebrating a summer birthday with friends.
Amazing food..

Small town 4th of July parade.
Our town's local fair.
 Talent show at the fair (this drum line was fabulous!)
( tbh, I don't love the fair but my kids did/do)
Look how happy she is!

What are you loving about summer?

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karen@somewhatquirky said...

Heather! First let me tell you - you got our party theme down pat! This is what summer fun is all about! Thank you! Second - your deck leaves me speechless - what a fun fun fun spot. And third - you go to A LOT of trouble to make your iced coffee - I'm lazy. I just let my morning coffee get cold put some extra sweet in it with cream or almond milk and pour it over ice. Ummmm yummy!

Katie said...

I love your summer loves list. It looks like you are having a wonderful summer! Your deck looks like the perfect place to entertain and relax outside! (I never really liked the fair either, but my friends did, so I'd go sometimes!)

~ Liz ~ said...

Wow, you have such a great deck! Summer games and birthday celebrations are always a favorite. Looks like your family knows how to enjoy the Summer season.

Bliss said...

I have never seen a carnival ride like that before. What's it do?


Little Miss Maggie said...

Your deck is fabulous. Almost like a tree house. Thanks for sharing it at our first link party Hot Fun in the Summertime. Hope to see you next week.

The Tablescaper said...

Love your summer favorites! Great deck!!!

- The Tablescaper

~ Liz ~ said...

Thanks for visiting at Quirky Vistas. Hope you are able to score a sweet bike like the cruiser I found. Get out to the garage sales and see what's waiting. I was amazed that we found just what we'd been wanting. How often does that happen!? Maybe lightning will strike twice and you'll find one too!

Robin said...

Your summer loves are the best! And you deck is so cool, like a treehouse. No wonder it made your list more than once.

Robin Flies South

I used to love baseball too but my team is SOOOOOO bad this year it's hard to find any enjoyment in it.

Sarah said...

Great looking deck. I could spend some leisure time on this one for sure. Happy Summer...........

Jojo said...

What a super deck you have! I get excited about mine (which is very small) but you've got a treasure! Happy summer.

Liz said...

Nice pics! And I LOVE your deck!! Liz

Linda (More Fun Less Laundry) said...

Your summer ideas sound like fun! I didn't know iced coffee had to be made specially--I just brew a pot, pour it over ice and done ... Maybe it's too weak my way and it would be better brewing longer. I know it never tastes as good as one purchased at Starbucks (my favorite!) Your deck is wonderful and that ride at the fair looks terrifying to me! Enjoy! Linda

Something Nice and Pretty said...

Our team hadn't did well since 1995 but this year is so different, last night it was a sell out crowd and they won:)
Love your deck so very neat and yes, like a tree house!
Thanks for stopping by, hope you do the sisal vase!
I'm going to follow your blog and watch out for a picture of it.:)

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