Thursday, September 29, 2011

Minor Change(s)

Notice anything different in these two photos?
Ok, look really closely...
I'll give you a hint,
it's not the laptop, cup, oranges, dish towel (so cute, right?) or the garland on the chandy--although they are all differences. I'm talking about something else.
You need to look REALLY closely!!
After completing our bead board island, we noticed the wood underside of our granite countertop sticking out.  Of course we are probably the only ones to notice it but decided to paint it anyway.
We also finished off this area.
It used to look like this.
Remember this post when I decluttered?
 We added more bead board.
 It was a trickier area to cover and needed some additional molding on the top and sides.
 We used a little trim piece and a dowel.
Adding the Blackberry (Benjamin Moore) paint really made it pop.

Here's the other side of the island (before painting the underside of the counter top).
We are done (for now).

Onto the next project...
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Mommie Dearest Strikes Again said...

Your kitchen is beautiful...and isn't it amazing what a difference a simple change can make?

Heather said...

It all looks gorgeous! Makes me want to add some beadboard and to my own island and paint it black...but is also has cabinets and drawers so I have a feeling hubby will give me a big thumbs down on that one ;)

Pondside said...

What a lovely kitchen - beadboard is a favorite of mine, but I've never painted it anything but white. Now re-thinking.....

Chelsea said...

Gorgeous! Sometimes it's the little things that make such a big difference. :)

Love that black beadboard!


Mama Hen said...

You have a beautiful kitchen! I had to scroll up and down and still could not see the difference until you told us. However, that is something I am sure I would have noticed in my own home and would have painted also. It looks great! have a good night!

Mama Hen

camp and cottage living said...

I wouldn't have noticed it, but now that you've pointed it out, it definitely blends better.
Your kitchen looks great! That is the area I want to do a little work on asa my DH finishs the MIL camp. And copying your island is top on my list for starters!
Oh, I also like the oranges garland on your light-very fall.

Amish Stories said...

Love those wood floors and trim. Richard from Amish Stories.

Theresa said...

Your kitchen is beautiful! You did a wonderful job!

Following from the blog hop and would appeciate a follow back.
Note Cards and Photos by Theresa

Lucy said...

Your kitchen is gorgeous. I am currently in the middle of a kitchen renovation, keeping my fingers crossed it comes out nice. Yours is just beautiful:)

Kim Bee said...

New follower from the over 40 hop. This is one incredible kitchen. Love, love, love it. Great job. I adore how you painted the bead board a dark color. Very cool.

Tanya Anurag said...

You are right... I din't notice it but when I did... I was glad you guys painted it. Looks all the more beautiful.

marianne said...

Love your beautiful kitchen... great ideas
I am visiting on 40 and over blog hop... take a look at my blog and see what you think
Bonded With Love by Marianne

Mel @ said...

I loved playing your game and I couldn't find the difference. Once you pointed it out I did :)

That would have bothered me too and such a little change made a big difference. Adding more of the painted beadboard was a terrific idea.

Sue said...

Heather, I like the way that you tied in the island with the bead board end of the cabinetry run by painting them out in black. The contrast makes them seem much more custom. Visiting from Charm Bracelet Diva's party. ~ Sue

Audrey said...

Hi Heather, I am a new follower. I love the black paint on your bead board. Painting the wood did make a huge difference...but, did not notice until you pointed it out. Little details like that can drive you crazy can't they! I am curious about your wall color. We have our living, dining, and kitchen painted in a similar color [hot cider toddy]. We love it! How do you get your pictures to come out so clear? I am very new at blogging and photography...use PSE for my editing. Beautiful kitchen and blog! Audrey

At The Picket Fence said...

Oh my goodness, your kitchen is so gorgeous!! I absolutely love the beadboard on the island and my sister just did something similar on hers. And the beadboard on the side of the fridge is just the perfect way to tie it all in! Thank you so much for sharing it last weekend at Inspiration Friday...we are still making our way through all of the links and so appreciate you joining in! :-)

Lola said...

Great ‘Y’ post! Such a beautiful kitchen!

Happy Alphabe-Thursday!



JDaniel4's Mom said...

I love your kitchen. Painting the underside really did make a difference. Your owl towel is so cute.

Eliza Wynn said...

Your kitchen looks fantastic! Great job!

Karen S. said...

Y change it...cuz you can! Yes it does look better now...but a big question over the dining room table, are those real candles or battery operated ones? that is like the coolest idea yet....if they are the battery ones...I could imagine a kitty cat that would have a field day if I had flickering candles...but if you don't need bright light at the moment and want a candle light romantic moment that would be it! very cool!

beckyp said...

I love your kitchen Very nice Thanks for sharing

Andy said...

I never would have spotted it until you pointed it out...I was still going for the chandelier!
Painting it makes all the difference.

Awesome wife would look right at home in a kitchen like yours!

Thanks for sharing.

Yesterday With You

Anonymous said...

Wow, awesome kitchen! I love the colors and the bead board adds a really cool dimension.

Lakeshore Cottage Living said...

It is amazing how a few little changes and some paint make everything look just perfect! You have a beautiful kitchen!

Elizabeth (Blue Clear Sky) said...

You have a great kitchen! After searching the photos I noticed the tea towel and the laptop. Adding the beadboard to the fridge wall was a great idea that tied it in so nicely with your lovely island.

Allison Shops said...

Pretty kitchen!

Dropping by from BNOTP.

Hidden Laundry

Jenny said...

Heather, your kitchen is lovely. I think it's your attention to detail that makes it really stand out.

What an eye you have for blending texture, color and function.

Shall we be watching for you on the next Design Star tryouts?

Thanks for linking up!


Jami said...

Beautiful kitchen and island! Thanks for partying at the Tuesday To Do Party!

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