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{Guest Post} How to Style a Summer-Inspired Coffee Table

Today I have a guest post from Jennifer Riner of Zillow.  She's going to give us some tips for styling a summer-inspired coffee table.
Welcome Jennifer!

How to Style a Summer-Inspired Coffee Table
By Jennifer Riner of Zillow
Styling coffee tables is one of the most overlooked, yet important, steps toward well-designed living spaces. Striking table displays have the ability to take interiors to the next level, even with only minor alterations. Much like holiday-inspired mantels, homeowners can make bold statements when they update their coffee table displays based on seasonality. 
To mix up living and family room interiors and incorporate summer-inspired décor, consider the following suggestions to style coffee tables.
Select a Theme
Homeowners might already own coffee tables to complement their interior themes. If not, the following guidelines help determine what type of coffee tables to purchase based on specific theme.
 Source: The Corcoran Group
Mod designers often outfit their projects with sleek, solid-wood coffee tables complete with iron or metal legs. Another classic indicator of ‘60s-era coffee tables is hairpin or round wooden legs that widen at their bases.
Source: Zillow
Beach homes benefit from weathered wood trunks and vintage or reclaimed pallets. Aged fixtures, such as salvaged wood tables, help neutralize white walls common in modernized beachfront properties. 
Source: American Dream Builders
Diverse interior styles are the go-to for originality. Consider varying themes for living rooms, such as Moroccan-inspired décor paired with Aztec fabrics, white walls and vintage mirrors. Mix and match more formal furnishings to create multi-faceted spaces that stretch traditional design limitations. 
Source: Style on a Shoestring
Leather-covered centerpieces tend to warm interiors, which isn’t optimal in the summertime, especially for Florida homes where humidity is at its peak. However, these pieces can still work when paired with other light materials to balance their rich appearance.
 Source: Zillow
Lucite is a trending, practical material for furniture and home accessories. This clear plastic doesn’t clutter rooms like heavier materials tend to do, yet it still provides the same function and flair as wooden or upholstered tables. In the summertime, when home interiors tend to warm up, having lighter, brighter rooms for entertaining is beneficial. Clean, translucent coffee tables are great alternatives to dense pieces that might detract from open space.
Source: Zillow
Rustic rooms characteristically feature exposed beams, and work best with coffee tables made of natural, dark grain to match. Similarly to coastal interiors, weathered wood looks great in countryside spaces, especially on table tops.
Add Reading Material
Most coffee tables at offices are adorned with the latest magazines and flyers. At home, skip the glossy covers for more intimate and cozy reading options. Hardcover novels match various colors, patterns and interior themes, whereas magazines emanate disposable vibes. 
Incorporate Personal Touches
While coffee tables function for resting beverages and literature, they can also be great displays for small, personal trinkets. Home interiors, regardless of room functionality, should reflect their owners’ personality to some degree. Incorporate family heirlooms or display vintage ornaments for added character.
Feature Mood-Setting Candles
Curling up on the sofa with a good book is a great way to relax any time of year. In the summer, opening the windows and letting the warm breeze roll through interiors is ideal, especially with aromatic candles. Not only do candles eliminate musty smells, they act as dim lighting alternatives to artificial bulbs – perfect for entertaining company, or just relaxing solo.
Display Fresh Cut Flowers
Arguably the most unique aspects of summer are flourishing gardens and large fresh flower bouquets from local farmers markets. Take advantage of thriving natural décor by regularly purchasing fresh flowers as coffee table centerpieces. Homeowners weary of replacing their bouquets every week can purchase unperishable silk flowers to withstand every season. Silk arrangements never dry or emit stale odors, and are viable substitutes for busy individuals and families who can’t frequent their local flower outlets.

While these are starting points, incorporating additional pieces representative of the carefree summer season is a great way to complete centerpieces. 
Thanks so much Jennifer!
What's your favorite summer time coffee table style? I'm leaning toward the traditional one (not a big surprise!) since it is most similar to my coffee table style but I'm also crushing on the rustic look. My biggest take-away from this article is to think about changing up the coffee table surfaces seasonally, just  like I look do the fireplace mantel.

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Creations By Cindy said...

Great ideas! Thanks for sharing. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Tamar SB said...

I suddenly feel the need to go home and redecorate... I just have an ikea coffee table with various magazines and a laptop as decoration (-:

Becky said...

I'm with you, I like the traditional room/table too. Right now we just have a tray on our table, the dog hasn't messed with that yet, not sure I'm ready to risk anything else at this point. Haha!

camp and cottage living said...

Wonderful tips!
My favorite style was the Eclectic coffee table and the Rustic one.

Debbiedoos said...

Beautiful and inspiring designs Heather. Thanks for sharing.

Carla from The River said...

My favorite is the Rustic.
This was a fun idea. Thank you for sharing.

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