Friday, October 18, 2013

More Book Page Pumpkins (and a tip)

My Book Page Pumpkin collection is growing.
See full tutorial here.
I posted this photo recently on a WOYWW (What's on Your Work desk Wednesday) but never showed you what I did with my new creations.
 Here they are and here's the tip!**This time I used much thinner books for my pumpkins and that made it a LOT easier on my hands.**  They also came together much so much quicker because I didn't have to cut as much.  I made three books in less than a half an hour. My original pumpkin is on the left and one of the newer ones is on the right in the above photo.
 You can see they are not as full as the original but that's ok.  My original pumpkin is having a little trouble standing on its own these days so I have to prop it up a bit to keep it from toppling over (I don't know if it's because I stored it back to its book shape or not).
 I added stick stems to the new pumpkins but I haven't tied them with burlap like I did with the first one. 
Some people paint the edges of their book page pumpkins but I prefer to leave mine au natural. I think they fit in nicely with my fall decor and will carry me through Thanksgiving.
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Jules said...

These pumpkins are the perfect fall cute!!!!

Becky said...

I love seeing how you used them with your fall decor! The stick stems look awesome!

Ida said...

These look great.

Katie said...

I love these pumpkin books! The new ones look great too. I really like that you keep the books unpainted so that they can go all the way through Thanksgiving. The color is perfect for all of fall! said...

Heather- I just pinned these to my board Crafty Chick! Thanks for linking up to Friday Favorites at I'm Not a Trophy Wife! Hope to see you on Friday!! laura

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