Monday, March 25, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 3.24.13

Michelle Obama's 2009 Inaugural Jason Wu dress at the Smithsonian.


Miss Middle School's wavy hair.
{last week in DC}

...your own conclusions to this restroom sign.

These cute pairs ripening by the window.

Green velvet cake pops being made for Irish Night.

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Dina Lettre said...

What fun choices! And, I think I could use one of those cake pops right about now. :)

Hannah Brooker said...

Good selection :) That dress is really lovely and i do like your slightly comical 'draw' :-)

Jules said...

Love the restrooms sign and how were the green velvet cake pops???? Red velvet is my favorite!

Christine E-E said...

At first I didn't get the Asian connection until I re-read Jason Wu... Tricky! Love your daughter's wavy hair.

Leave It To Davis said...

How cool that dress is in the Smithsonian! I wonder if Michelle wanted to keep it though. I would have!

Love your interpretation of draw...and soft! Very clever!

Bliss said...

I thought the dress was a cake till I read "Smithsonian".


mommy of Five said...

love the "draw" one!

Katie said...

Miss Middle School's hair is so long!

That restroom sign is amazing! I had to call AJ in to look at it!

Morgan said...

LOL @ that bathroom sign! I like your St. Patty's day cake pops. :)

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