Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Phone Dump-Week 1 & 2

The last week (or so) in cell phone pics.
Row 1) *Early morning in my room* the setting sun * our hall tree * holiday party at a friend's house*

Row 2) *Gorgeous morning sky after dropping dd #2 off at the bus* my niece laying down some tracks * New Year's Eve fortune * another holiday party shot from our friend's size nutcrackers I tell ya!*

Row 3)* waiting for our table at Cheesecake Factory * hubs and a friend * visiting an art museum over break * grapes *

Row 4) *pears * precious little guy * playing with Kapla blocks * DD#1's new Frye boots*

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acornmanphotography said...

Love your idea of a weekly Phone photo dump! Something I should consider doing as I often get that annoying "there's no space left for another photo" when I go to take a photo with my phone. Have a great weekend!

Courtney said...

Love your photos! Beautiful family you have. Thanks so very much for linking up, Heather!

Joni said...

love the photo of the sky. of course, i love to take photos of my kiddos, but my other favorite is photos of the sky. they are always so beautiful!

Katie said...

I love this idea! I never know what to do with my cell phone pictures! That sky is fabulous :)

Morgan said...

This is such a good idea! The photos are great. The picture of the sky is so beautiful.

Light and Voices said...

Cell phone collage once a week....who would think....great idea!
Joyce M

msdewberry said...

I am going to have to get a Camera type phone one of these days! I can't take my camera everywhere I go like I could with a phone!!
Nice photos!!

The Cottage Market {Andrea} ♥ said...

great week and tell your daughter -- her hair looks awesome in the curls!!!! : ) hugs...

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