Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Updating our Abode - The Basement Part 3

When we left off with the basement renovation, we were here. The construction was complete, now it was time for paint and flooring.
I only had a few hours to pick out a paint color or we were going to be stuck with get white. (horrors!)  I chose Benjamin Moore Shaker Beige. I had no furniture so I went with neutrals.
                               Coming down the staircase (office on the right)
        I'm so glad we didn't get "builder's" WHITE!! This is the only area of the house that hubby hasn't painted himself!

The tile and snack center went in.
The snack center was comprised of a few stock cabinets, a sink and a laminate countertop from Lowe's. We're not really 'bar' people unless you're talking about wine so we opted for a family friendly snack/coffee center. The tile extends from the outside door to the powder room, snack center area and right up to the unfinished area(the potentially messy/wet areas).  It was our contractor's idea to do the 'swishy' cut.
The fixtures were installed in the powder room.
The view from the powder room.
Another view.
Time for carpeting.  I loved the tile but we also wanted some soft carpeting underfoot. We chose this California-style shag.
Coming soon...finishing touches
Want to see how we got here? Part1 & Part 2 will bring you up to speed.

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Sheila said...

WOW!!! Check out that basement! It looks fabulous! I'm really excited to see the end result. I know it's going to be cozy.

Life in Rehab said...

That doesn't even look like a basement anymore! Very well done, and bring on the Heather Style!

Chelsea@ThisFreshFossil said...

Beautiful! I REALLY love that swishy-tile thang you got going on, too. Totally awesome. Is it real tile? I'm sitting here trying to figure out how in the world your tile-guy got the tiles to cut like that... wow. He must be seriously talented.

Or a pro. :)

Anyways, I'm loving the neutral color theme (that's not builder's white!) and coziness down there!


Petie said...

Looks great. I'm envious of that blank slate you have to play with now. Enjoy the decorating! said...

Chelsea, I'm not sure how he cut the tile but he had done something similar before and he and the carpet guy had it all figured out before anything went down.


Lisa said...

It's looking so great and you've made a lot of progress! I love BM Shaker Beige too and that's what I used in my family room : ) It looks so nice next to the stark white of the trim.

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

What a wonderful basement room! Know you'll enjoy that space!

Yellow House said...

It looks soooo good! Will you and your husband come do our basement next? :)

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