Monday, July 31, 2017

Random In The Life - June & July

It's that time again, when I go through my camera roll and share some of the things we've been up to.
 Last day of school parents' lunch. #partyoftwo
 New shoes from Nordstrom Rack.
 Worn with this dress seen here.
 At a family christening.
 Beautiful skies.
 Trip to Ikea and getting this succulent for Miss High School. (Birkenstocks!!)
 Dropping off some proofs for a client (and loving my hydrangeas this year!)
 Celebrating him on Father's Day.
 Good read!
 At our nephew's baseball game, the sky looked amazing!
 Working in my new planner...I made my own full year calendars. I'm having a lot of fun with stickers and washi tape too!
 Summer walk in the woods.
 Working lunch (portobello fajitas).
What I was working on (niece senior pics).
Miss H/S and friends came out to see hubby's band.
Getting lunch at Naked Lunch. Soooo good! I had the sushi bowl and blueberry kombucha.
What have you been up to lately?
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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Outdoor Gig with The New Band

You guys probably know that Mr. Click is a bass player in his spare time and in a rock cover band. Well guess what?
He's in another band now too.  Two bands, yessir!
This was his first gig with the new band (it's a 4 piece). 
 The gig was outside at a brewery.  It was so much fun. People brought chairs and blankets. Look at those clever tables they set up for us too (and picnic tables too).
 There were food trucks with yummy fare.
Along with the brewery's beers, a distillery had a bar set up inside too with fun sounding libations.
The bar itself was made out of reclaimed barn wood. Soooooo pretty and rustic!
On the brewery side, you could order from their draft menu (even root beer for the kids!). There were lots of kids there and they were the first ones up dancing.
 I tried the Summer Solace and it was delish!
It was fun to see him in a new band with new players and a different energy.
 The outdoor venue added to the fun!
I got to take the first official band photo too!
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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

{Travel} Beach Getaway:Wildwood & Stone Harbor

When Miss High School was on her Disney trip, we snuck away for a little beach R & R.
 Pretty happy to be heading out of town!
 We went to the beach in Wildwood, New Jersey. It's free, it's clean and it's huge.
 For lunch we got sandwiches from WaWa.  Mine was a toasted veggie shortie with avocado.
 I also got some mango and pineapple.
 What am I looking at?
 Oh, probably this (lifeguard training).
 It was a perfect beach day.  You can see our new towel clips from Primark on the backs of the chairs.
For dinner we headed into picturesque Stone Harbor, New Jersey.

The town oozes cuteness.
 We had dinner at Water Star Grille at The Reeds overlooking the bay.
This was our delicious mezze plate to share: hummus, peppadew peppers, grilled pita, cucumbers, roasted red pepper and kalamata olives.
 After dinner we found this charming spot called Coffee Talk.
 We took our coffees to a sunset viewing spot....
...and watched the sun go down.
Then we headed back to Wildwood to walk the summer boardwalk at night.  What a sweet trip! Where have you been getting away to?

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Monday, July 24, 2017

{Shopping} A Few (More) Primark Finds

Primark has had some fun finds lately. I got this sun hat awhile ago but I don't think I've posted about it. The pom poms got me!! I like it on this chair for a little summer decor. I also found these beach towel clips. They hold your towel on your chair at the beach. I have a set of two from a long time ago but I've never been able to find another set --until now!  I'll probably use them for backdrops in my photography studio too. Can never have too many clips/clamps!
Another find were these teeny tiny tissue packages. I usually get the Kleenex brand tissue packs but these guys are extra tiny and perfect for packing away in a purse or even your pocket.  So cute!Pin It

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Meal Prepping

When I prep food for the week I always eat better and meals seem much easier to put together. Here's an example of what I might prep for the upcoming week.

Ideas for Meal Prepping
  • Cut up veggies-for salads, snacking and meals. I usually cut up a watermelon or a pineapple too. If I have berries (hello summer fruit!), I will wash them in a colander and leave them out for snacking.
  • Roasted veggies-I usually make extra when I'm roasting veggies for dinner. The leftovers will be used in future meals.
  • Tofu scramble-I make a big batch of it with a full block of tofu then I portion it out. I can eat this hot, cold or in a wrap.  I'm probably cutting up veggies while this is cooking.
  • Overnight Oats-I make a few of these so I can just grab them for breakfast or a snack.
  • Brown rice-I like to make a big batch of rice for the week. I'll use it for meals like stuffed peppers, Buddha Bowls, stir fries or veggie burgers.  Veggie burgers are another thing I like to batch cook and keep in the fridge or freezer.
  • Quinoa-During the school year I usually make a batch of quinoa because Miss High School likes it in her salad that I pack her for lunch.
  • Marinara Sauce-I like to make extra and freeze it.
Do you do any meal prep? What are your best tips and what is your favorite thing to prep if you do?

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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

{Tips & Tricks} Wifi Extender

 This is one of the quickest fixes to a problem we were experiencing with our WiFi. I'm probably last one to hear about it, but if not, check this out!
We noticed that our WiFi service did not extend outside to our deck and sometimes it was spotty in other parts of the house too.  We picked up this WiFi range extender at Costco for under $100. The installation was very easy and quick   Before we knew it, we had WiFi out on the deck!
Now I can work on my website, listen to Pandora or just check Facebook on my laptop out there. If I'm on my phone I don't have to worry about it switching over to data!  Why did it take us long to try this?!
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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

{Travel} College Road Trip #2 & Eats

We took our second college road trip (see #1 here) in June with Miss High School. The theme was RAIN!
 Our first stop was Tufts University which is 5 miles outside of Boston.
 We were early for the tour so we stopped in at a cafe for some lunch.
 The cafe had a super cute vibe.
 Even in the rain, the campus was beautiful.
 After the tour we checked into our hotel in Cambridge.


We found a vegetarian diner and decided we had to try it!  Everything was vegetarian and could be made vegan.
 We shared a few things. This is vegan poutine!!!
 Vegan mac & cheese with shitake mushroom bacon.
 Vegan grilled cheese and vegan onion rings! Mind blown!
 We took a vanilla zebra frappe to go. So yum!
 Cambridge was a very pretty college town. Since we were near Harvard, we had to take a peek around.
 As you can see, it was still raining.
 The next morning we headed into Boston.
 Another rainy one.
 We toured Northeastern University.
 Heading to Rhode Island.
Our final tour was at Brown University.  
It looked just as pretty as when we visited it six years ago.
After all of the driving, information sessions, tours and rain it was time for a nice glass of wine at The Cheesecake Factory in Providence.
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