Saturday, June 26, 2010


I love hydrangeas!!!  You may remember my post about this souper centerpiece where I used my store bought Mother's Day hydrangeas to make a centerpiece like this with my home grown lilacs.

  A few weeks ago I posted this post with a photo of my almost ready to bloom flowers that looked like this.

Well now my own hydrangea bushes are in full bloom.This one is my most mature and gave me lots of blooms this year in a variety of gorgeous colors.

I finally got out there and cut some blooms to put around the house.
They are sitting pretty in my thrifty vase that I purchased here.

Here are some more next to my twig birdcage in a little white sea shell pitcher that I picked TJ Maxx.

I've been using this old blue mason jar for forever to display hydrangeas(and other flowers too), I love the contrast between the blues.(See my little kitchen fairy, I put her next to the jar because she's also got a hydrangea on her little garden bench).
This is one of my favorites, a recycled Pellegrino bottle with two smaller blooms is greeting people in our den entryway.

I couldn't forget my trusty soup tureen (I use a drinking glass to keep them from spilling out!) in the dining room.
I even put some outside for book club.

Are you as in love with hydrangeas as I am? Or do you have another favorite?

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Lindalou said...

I love hydrangeas too! So fancy...but also simple. I don't even know if that makes sense. One of these days I need to follow your path and plant some of my own.

Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. It makes my day.

Andrea said...

Poppies. I love poppies. But I do have some hydrangeas, and I love them as well! Thanks for stopping by!

Java said...

Ohhhhhhh Heather those are some beautiful pictures!! I bet your house smells good!!

Have a great Sunday!!

AngelEden said...

what lovely flowers!


Life with Kaishon said...

I am in love just like you : ) I also love lilacs but they only last for such a short while. I wish it was longer as they are such welcome beacons of springtime :)

Sheri said...

Beautiful hydrangeas!!!

Kristie said...

Hydrangea are my absolute favorite, so beautiful!

Petie said...

Pretty hydrangeas. I'm going to get out in the yard today and cut some for around the house. Thanks for the inspiration.

Susan said...

Yes, I love them too. I used to have them before we moved.

Now I want them again!!

Kaye Swain - SandwichINK said...

Oh yes, my senior mom and I BOTH love hydrangeas! Although this year's gardening projects have focused only on planting a mini vegetable garden along with growing rosemary plants - all in containers. Since we're in a rental, we've decided to stop there for this year. So I am really enjoying your photos doubly. Thank you :)

Vonda said...

I think this is my Hydrangea bush! It looks just like mine:) Beautiful pictures...thanks for all the great ideas to beautify with them.

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